Sustainability analysts and rating agencies regularly evaluate the Lufthansa Group’s activities according to the criteria of responsible corporate management. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is included in the following sustainability indices or has received the following ratings:


In the global climate ranking 2021 of the non-profit organization CDP, the Lufthansa Group again received the climate scoring result "B", and thus for the fourth year in a row. In the measurement of its own CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) and those of the supply chain (Scope 3), the Lufthansa Group received the top grade of "A," as in the previous year. In the category of commitment in the value chain, the Lufthansa Group was able to improve significantly. The Lufthansa Group has been participating in the CDP reporting since 2006, providing relevant interest groups with transparent information about its climate protection strategy and measures to reduce CO2 emissions. The CDP data is also used to a large extent in other assessments by leading rating agencies. CDP Climate Scores are awarded annually on a scale from "A" (best result) to "D-".


Worldwide renowned rating agency Sustainalytics regularly evaluates the Lufthansa Group’s sustainability activities in accordance with the ESG criteria. The rating is included in the composition of the FTSE4Good, in which the Lufthansa Group share has been listed since 2001. The index includes only those companies that meet the internationally accepted standards of entrepreneurial responsibility. As of November 2021, Lufthansa Group’s ESG risk rating is “Medium Risk”.


The Lufthansa share is listed in the sustainability indices ECPI Euro ESG Equity and ECPI World ESG Equity. ECPI has offered a selection of ESG indices since 1997 and uses its own evaluation method that is based on exclusion criteria as well as positive criteria in the categories of environment, social issues and corporate governance. Only those companies are included in these indices that depict suitable, sustainable investment according to ECPI’s assessment.

MSCI ESG Ratings

Since 2015, the Lufthansa Group has been part of the MSCI Global Sustainability Index prepared by MSCI, a US index provider. It tracks companies that are particularly committed to sustainability. The Lufthansa Group improved its rating from “BBB” to “A” in 2021 (on a scale of AAA-CCC), in particular due to very good performance in the governance area.


In order to demonstrate its sustainability and responsibility towards its customers, the Lufthansa Group participates in EcoVadis, a sustainability assessment platform for global supply chains. In 2021, the commitment of the Lufthansa Group was reconfirmed for a further year when it received “Silver Status”.