help alliance – The key pillar of the social commitment of Lufthansa Group

The help alliance is the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group. The non-profit organization covers numerous projects worldwide, which intend to help young people in particular to access education and to enable them to lead self-determined Lives.

The project contents of help alliance are based on the standards of the UN conventions on children’s rights and the global sustainability goals of the United Nations for 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals, SDG). In addition to the focus on high-quality education (SDG 4), help alliance particularly promotes vocational training measures and entrepreneurial approaches in the area of work and income (SDG 8).The projects are funded solely through donations. This also includes voluntary salary donations from employees of the Lufthansa Group.

The voluntary commitment of many employees of the Lufthansa Group has always been at the center of the work. They take on responsibility and are involved in the projects with their knowledge, skills and networks. The personal contacts create trust, and ensure that the donations actually get to where they are needed. 

To this end, help alliance works with competent local partners who have long-term experience in development cooperation, and who are very familiar with the local circumstances and, primarily, with the needs of the people. 

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Cargo Human Care

Uncomplicated and professional medical help for the people in Nairobi – that is the basic idea of the humanitarian aid project “Cargo Human Care”. Employees at Lufthansa Cargo founded the charitable organization in cooperation with physicians from Germany in 2007. The cargo airline’s Executive Board has supported the aid project from the very beginning. Lufthansa Cargo provides flight tickets for physicians and available transport capacities aboard their freighter aircraft, both free of charge. In this way, medical equipment and aid supplies can be shipped directly to Nairobi. In cooperation with local medical institutions and local charitable organizations, Cargo Human Care brings specific help to where it is needed.