Corporate Responsibility within the Lufthansa Group

Corporate responsibility, that is to say sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial practice, is an integral part of our corporate strategy. It means that we are committed to creating added value for our customers, employees and investors and to meeting our responsibilities toward the environment and society.

For these reasons, we continuously improve our measures to safeguard the climate and the environment, maintain responsible and fair relations with our employees, and as a company actively engage in numerous social concerns.

The international economy and the air transport industry, in particular, operate in a dynamic environment that is defined by long-term megatrends and global challenges, such as population growth and the rise of megacities, increasing demand for mobility in the context of increasing globalization, climate change and processes of political transition.

The Lufthansa Group meets these challenges with a comprehensive sustainability agenda. It comprises the following fields of entrepreneurial responsibility:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Corporate Governance and compliance
  • Climate and environmental responsibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Product responsibility
  • Corporate citizenship


The highest control body in the area of sustainable management is the Supervisory Board. The coordination and further development of sustainability-relevant activities and initiatives within the Lufthansa Group is the duty of the Corporate Responsibility Council (CRC). This interdisciplinary and interdepartmental committee is placed at the upper management level and has the task of initiating and coordinating sustainability-related topics and processes at the Group level. The CRC comprises the heads of the Group departments Strategy, Political Affairs, Group Environmental Issues, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Communications, Investor Relations, Controlling, and Corporate Sourcing. The respective managers are responsible for concrete measures and projects concerning sustainability aspects. They bundle and organize the topics in their own area of responsibility.