Guiding a company in a responsible manner is only possible by maintaining a dialogue with its stakeholders. This gives the Lufthansa Group a better understanding of its different interest groups’ needs, expectations and wishes, which permits their inclusion in the Group’s business practices. Topics with potential influence on long-term opportunities for creating value can thus be better identified.

In October 2018, the Lufthansa Group again conducted a broad-based stakeholder survey that included customers, employees, neighbors, investors, business partners, politicians and NGO representatives, among others. The Lufthansa Group’s Corporate Responsibility Council evaluated the results of this survey and, using these as a basis, prioritized the most important action areas from the Group’s perspective. The result of this materiality analysis is the basis for the strategic further development of Corporate Responsibility management and for the selection of topics to be covered in reporting. The Lufthansa Group also receives important input on key issues from its Group-wide employee survey “involve me!”

The stakeholders of the Lufthansa Group