Guiding a company in a responsible manner is only possible by maintaining a dialogue with its stakeholders. The Group places great emphasis on an open, continuous and trusting dialogue with its internal and external interest groups, and actively seeks exchanges with them by using diverse formats. This gives the Lufthansa Group a better understanding of its different interest groups’ needs, expectations and wishes, which permits their inclusion in the Group’s business practices. Topics with potential influence on long-term opportunities for creating value can thus be better identified.

The stakeholders of the Lufthansa Group

In addition, the Lufthansa Group regularly conducts a survey on Corporate Responsibility among its numerous stakeholder groups - most recently in August 2023 - in order to be able to continuously assess which topics are particularly important for the Lufthansa Group in the areas of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. The results of the survey are incorporated into the Lufthansa Group's materiality analysis. The identified topics form the basis for the strategic further development of Corporate Responsibility management and for selecting the aspects and concerns to be covered in the combined non-financial declaration. The Lufthansa Group also receives important impulses on key topics through its Group-wide employee survey "involve me!".