The Lufthansa Group is intensively involved in all aspects of avoiding single-use plastic and the sustainable design of its airlines' on-board products. To this end, experts continuously analyze and evaluate the products and processes by involving various actors in the value chain. In product development and service, the Lufthansa Group systematically follows the principles of "reduce – reuse – recycle – replace".

When introducing new culinary concepts, the focus is on the consistent selection of food produced in a resource-saving manner and environmentally friendly packaging materials. At Lufthansa, the offer is called "Onboard Delights": For example, a large proportion of the fresh products are packaged in PaperWise material, made from agricultural waste material and produced using 100 percent renewable energy and is therefore CO2 neutral. By producing the fresh products in a way that is more in line with the demand, less unused food has to be disposed.

By 2025, single-use plastic articles are to be replaced by sustainable materials. In this regard, the Lufthansa Group is in exchange with various companies in order to identify fitting sustainable product alternatives.