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The Lufthansa Group has contributed to the progress of the aviation industry. Now we want to lead it into a sustainable future. To achieve our ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050 and cutting our net carbon emissions in half by 2030 compared to 2019, the Lufthansa Group is continuously implementing a wide range of innovative measures.


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Modern fleet

The Lufthansa Group will put around 200 brand new, more sustainable aircraft into service by 2030. These reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2-emissions by up to 30 percent compared to their predecessors – on every flight.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

A true alternative to fossil fuel and key on our path to CO2-neutral aviation. Various production processes already exist today, others we are supporting in their development to bring to market.

Flying with sunlight

A solution for tomorrow: The unique Sun-to-Liquid procedure uses concentrated sunlight to produce carbon-neutral kerosene. We will be the first in the world to fly with it.

Based on renewable electrical energy

Another promising innovation: With Power-to-Liquid technology sustainable fuel can be produced from green electricity, water and CO2. The Lufthansa Group is driving the development of this technology.

Fly more sustainable already today

Photo - oil

Once disposed as waste, used vegetable oil and fats discarded by the food service industry have become a feedstock for fuel producers.

Photo - food waste

Fuel based on biogenic waste materials is a viable alternative to fossil fuel and thus an important milestone on our path to carbon-neutrality by 2050.

Photo - Economy Class A350

The Lufthansa Group is investing millions of euros into Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Already today, you can use Sustainable Aviation Fuel to make your flight more sustainable.

Innovative technology

Optimizing fuel efficiency with the help of technological hardware solutions.

Inspired by nature. Engineered to preserve it.


AeroSHARK is a bionic adhesive film applied to the surface of the aircraft. It replicates the skin of sharks to optimize the airflow and thus reduce fuel consumption.


less CO2 emissions*

*on Boeing 777 due to drag reduction

Circular economy

Reduce, reuse, recycle, replace

Photo - Reduce

Sustainable Packaging

We are making our in-flight experience greener by changing our packaging to sustainable alternatives, such as compostable cutlery made from bamboo.

Photo - Recycle


Step by step, single-use plastic articles are to be replaced by sustainable materials.


The sustainable way of flying

We enable our customers to offset their CO2 emissions immediately through Sustainable Aviation Fuel or via long term climate protection projects – certified according to the highest standards.

When it comes to sustainability, the sky shouldn’t be the limit.

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