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Also for help alliance, the effects of the Corona crisis on project work continue to be clearly felt. The pandemic caused drastic setbacks in the fight against educational poverty and unemployment.

But the Lufthansa aid organization and many committed employees were and are full of zest for action in these challenging times and, true to the motto "Closer to the World. Closer to its People." that people in the poorest parts of the world continue to be supported. Depending on individual needs and the current situation, help alliance implements various measures in the areas of prevention, health and food care, education, work & income in the help alliance projects. In the last few months, despite the extremely difficult times, some successes have been recorded in this way, which give courage and hope for a better future.  We would like to share these with you.


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New projects in 2021

The Lufthansa Group's aid organization reacted quickly to the changed situation, developing new digital fundraising formats, among other things, and thus securing a stable financial situation. This now makes it possible to support seven new projects, five of them in Europe and two in Africa. As in the past, the projects were selected from suggestions by staff members and are supervised and managed by them as volunteer project coordinators.

You can find out which projects are being funded here:


iThemba Primary School in Cape Town successfully expanded

Worldwide, help alliance currently supports more than 40 projects. The iThemba project in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the best known. Not least thanks to various campaigns such as the “Red Stockings Day” by Austrian Airlines, the sustainable refill cups in iThemba design by Bartesse (LZ Catering) or as the beneficiary project of the RTL Spendenmarathon 2019 with singer Beatrice Egli as celebrity patron.And from this project there is now good news: the iThemba Primary School in Cape Town could be expanded with new school buildings despite Corona!

Read the background on the successful expansion of iThemba Primary School here:

Button campaign #MySmileBehindTheMask

Especially in these extraordinary times, personal contact with our fellow human beings and passengers is particularly important. That is why Lufthansa Group employees from Frankfurt and Munich have launched the button campaign #MySmileBehindTheMask for the benefit of our charitable aid organization help alliance. In keeping with the motto "Smile and do good," participants who have a personal button made can donate an amount of their choice to help alliance. The campaign has already been a great success at the hubs in Munich and Frankfurt as well as in Vienna at Austrian Airlines and LZ-Catering. 100% of the donation proceeds will go to the worldwide aid projects, which are more dependent than ever on support and willingness to help during the pandemic.

The Button campaign is a great example of what the commitment of employees can achieve in the Lufthansa Group. 

We are doing everything we can every day to ensure that our aid and education programmes can continue in the best possible way, even in these extremely difficult times. We are also succeeding by seeing this crisis as an opportunity and making good use of the possibilities of digitalisation for new fundraising campaigns, volunteering opportunities and communication formats.

Vivian Spohr
Patroness of help alliance

Extending sustainable aid

The global challenges can only be solved together - with the 2030 Agenda, the international community of states expresses its conviction in this regard. At its core is a catalogue of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the help alliance projects also follow with varying degrees of intensity. The same applies to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The combination of employee engagement and involvement of the local community helps to realise the full impact potential and to achieve the goal of helping people to help themselves.


Education is a human right and the key to a successful, healthy and self-determined life. It enables people to improve their political, social, cultural and economic situation. The goal of help alliance is to provide people with inclusive and equal access to quality education worldwide, thus contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality Education.

Last year, help alliance enabled more than 5,100 children (42% female) to access (pre-) school education in 27 projects, ultimately improving the future prospects of 3,300 (40% female) children with a (pre-) school qualification, e.g. primary or secondary school.

Work and income

A good education is the prerequisite for a successful professional life and helps to generate one's own income. The aid organization is committed to supporting people on their career path and providing access to the labor market and to decent work. Therefore, on the basis of Sustainable Development Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth - help alliance supports young people with further education offers, targeted training or provides them with professionally experienced mentors to support them on their way into an income-generating activity.

Last year, help alliance supported more than 6,338 young adults (55% female) in 22 projects and gave them access to further education and training. In total, almost 200 young adults (92% female) successfully completed their training or higher education and almost 900 young adults (92% female) were successfully integrated into the labour market.

Where help alliance helps

As an internationally active aid organization, help alliance was active on five continents in 20 countries in 2020 to give disadvantaged people a better and self-determined future. Currently, 46 projects are being supported worldwide.

help alliance Song

The help alliance song "Let's Get Together to Help the World" was released at the end of 2020. Flight attendant Marika Hinkey and captain Martin Heumüller composed the song themselves and practiced, recorded and finally produced it together with children from our project "Language support for children with a migration background" in Flörsheim and many prominent musicians. In order to share the story of the song's creation with all listeners, a making-of documentary was developed that provides insights into the song's production and shows how much fun and excitement the children and young people from Flörsheim had in the music studio.

Assume responsibility

For many Lufthansa Group employees, flying is more than just a journey from A to B. They want to take responsibility, be there for other people and create perspectives for those who need it most.


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