Lufthanseats founded the association 20 years ago for all dedicated employees of the Lufthansa Group. A lot has happened since then. We look into the past, present and future – and give you 20 really good reasons to support the help alliance.

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The help alliance is the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group.

The help alliance is the Lufthansa Group’s central corporate citizenship pillar. The charitable aid organization acts as a catalyst for greater social engagement, combining proven projects initiated by employees with the power and network of the Lufthansa Group. Defined criteria ensure that the supported projects are sustainable. The importance of the help alliance is emphasized by the fact that the company reports to the Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO. The focus on social and humanitarian projects in the field of Education / Enabling makes it possible to deploy the avail able funding in an efficient and targeted way. The main objective is to help disadvantaged people lead a successful, healthy and selfsufficient life. This help primarily takes the form of educational opportunities.

In 2018, the Lufthansa Group covered all of the costs of administration, project assistance, fundraising and communication at help alliance gGmbH. This ensures that 100 percent of all other donations can be used to fund aid projects. This also applies to voluntary donations made via salary deduction by employees of the Lufthansa Group. The option of the socalled payroll giving, introduced in April 2017, is initially open to about 80,000 employees and retirees who are covered by the Lufthansa Group’s joint payroll system.

The great commitment of the Lufthansa Group employees makes it possible to give children and young people worldwide a perspective. In our view, access to education is the key to this.

Vivian Spohr
Patroness of help alliance

Prospects for the future through education

Success through transparency and trust

Each project is managed by an employee of the Lufthansa Group or Condor. Our colleagues, who work on a voluntary basis, form the bridge between us and the local partner organization. The local partners have many years of experience in development aid and know the needs of the people. The success of our projects is based on frequent project visits and cooperation at eye level. This creates transparency and trust and leads to success.

Education creates opportunities for the future

Access to educational institutions and qualified instruction offers children and young people a perspective. This approach is one of the primary focuses of our work. In addition, we support projects that provide young people with a good education and help them generate their own income or set up their own business.

Sustainable help

Global challenges can only be solved together, and the Agenda 2030 expresses the international community‘s conviction to do so. The cornerstone of the agenda is a catalogue with 17 goals for sustainable development, to which our projects are oriented with varying intensity and character. The same applies to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The combination of employee commitment and the involvement of the local community helps our projects to achieve their full potential and the goal of helping people to help themselves. In order to meet the challenges of development aid even more effectively, we have worked with our partners on remaining in line with the sustainability criteria.


Education is a human right and the key to a successful, healthy and self-determined life. It enables people to improve their political, social, cultural and economic situation. Every child has the right to a school education and everyone has the right to satisfy their basic learning needs – throughout their entire life. All our educational projects are oriented towards the sustainable development Goal 4: Quality Education.

Work and income

A good education is the prerequisite for a successful professional life and helps one to generate one's own income. In addition, based on the sustainable development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth - we support young people with professional development opportunities, targeted training or micro-credits so that they can develop a business idea or set up and expand their own company.

People who are committed

Help alliance is special for me because ...

..., it gives us lufthansa employees the chance to do good in the world and help people over the long term.

Benjamin Fischer
help alliance Project Manager in Pattaya, Thailand, Pilot with Lufthansa CityLine

..., it creates perspectives and brings help into the world. It manages to make the dreams of children and adolescents come true.

Raiko Morales
help alliance Project Manager in Brazil Sao Lorenzo, Occupational Safety Lufthansa

..., it is simply a wonderful and necessary thing to give disadvantaged children an opportunity for the future.

Anne Czirwitzky
Donor, Key Account Management, Lufthansa

help alliance in numbers



disadvantaged people benefit either directly or indirectly from our support.


100 %

Every cent you donate reaches its destination!


86 %

of topic-related expenditure was invested in education worldwide.



Projects worldwide

Riitta's Ironman for iThemba

Lufthansa flight attendant Riitta Knodt dedicates her participation at Ironman Frankfurt at the end of June to the help alliance project iThemba in South Africa and collects funds via, click here to support:

On Board Collection

help alliance Video shown on Lufthansa long-haul flights to raise funds.

Thank you for the donations in 2018

2,722,654 EUR
Donations received during the financial year 2018

We would like to once again this year take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our donors, supporters and sponsors. Only with your help can we continue to enable disadvantaged people worldwide to lead selfdetermined lives, because help alliance has no means to act on its own, but is supported exclusively by donations. We would particularly like to mention all the volunteers who form the backbone of our aid organization as project managers, mentors, event managers, cookie makers or „friends of help alliance“. We are well aware that this cannot be taken for granted! In most cases, they sacrifice their free time in order to give strangers, whom they may never meet in life, a better life. Your motivation to do good is our incentive. Thank you to all those who form an essential pillar of our society!

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