Extra wheels for the Airbus A340-300

The latter was the first fourengined, widebody jet that Airbus built. Fully loaded, it was so heavy that, as a design first, it was given a fourth landing gear unit beneath the center of the fuselage, since the two rear landing gears under the wings were not enough to carry the maximum capacity weight of the A340-300 when it came in to land.

Airbus A340-300
Length63.69 m
Wingspan60.30 m
Height16.99 m
Cruising Speed875 km/h
Max. altitude12,600 m
Max. takeoff weight275,000 kg
Max. landing weight190,000 kg
Range*11,850 km
Cabin width5.3 m
Business/Economy Max/Economy (max.)**27/76/211

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary