Lufthansa‘s Boeing 747-400s – a reliable lot

Over thirty years ago the Boeing 747 was dubbed the “jumbo jet” due to its enormous proportions: double decks, a wingspan of over 64 meters and a length of nearly 71. Very soon, it proved to be an extremely reliable aircraft. Lufthansa operates its B747-400s, each seating 371 passengers, on intercontinental flights.

Boeing 747-400
Length70.66 m
Wingspan64.44 m
Height19.40 m
Cruising Speed920 km/h
Max. altitude13,700 m
Max. takeoff weight394,600 kg
Max. landing weight285,800 kg
Range*11,850 km 
Cabin width6.1 m
First/Business/Premium/Economy (max.)**-/67/32/272

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary