First commercial jet to feature electronic technology

Airbus A320 aircraft have been a regular feature of the Lufthansa fleet since 1989. The A320s were the first commercial jets to install the fly-by-wire electronic aircraft control system. For the captain, this revolutionary development meant using a side- stick (which replaced the control horn) to instruct the computer to fly a curve. The computer could also adjust the flaps and make sure the aircraft stuck to a previously selected flight path. This made the pilot‘s job easier and improved safety, too.

Airbus A320-200
Length37.57 m
Wingspan34.10 m
Height11.76 m
Cruising Speed840 km/h
Max. altitude12,100 m
Max. takeoff weight73,500 kg
Max. landing weight64,500 kg
Range*3,200 km
Cabin width3.7 m
First/Business/Premium/Economy (max.)**-

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary