Bombardier CRJ900 joins the Lufthansa fleet

The Bombardier CRJ900 soars up to 12,500 meters on routine flights. It goes higher than any other jet in the Lufthansa fleet except for the Boeing 747. Flying at this altitude helps to save fuel, and a tilt of only one degree means the CRJ900 is almost horizontal in the air. The two-engined aircraft, which has 90 seats and a flight range of around 2,100 kilometers, will operate on regional routes for Lufthansa CityLine.

Bombardier CRJ900
Length36.37 m
Wingspan24.85 m
Height7.51 m
Cruising Speed880 km/h
Max. altitude12,500 m
Max. takeoff weight38,000 kg
Max. landing weight34,000 kg
Range*2,950 km
Cabin width2.6 m
First/Business/Premium/Economy (max.)**-

* with max. number of bookings
** Configuration may vary