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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

Top placements in employer rankings Ú The most recent employer rankings have confirmed the powerful attractiveness of the ­Lufthansa Group as an employer in Germany. In the Trendence Graduate Barometer 2014, for instance, university grad- uates with degrees in economics put the aviation company in fourth place in the top employer rankings. This reflects an improvement by five places in comparison to its ranking for 2013. Among engineering graduates the company is in ninth place in the 2014 rankings (PY: 11th place). The ­Lufthansa Group likewise placed among Germany’s top 10 employers in the Universum Student Survey 2014, just as it had done in 2013. “We are pleased to make the acquaintance of talented and motivated young people and to work with them to further develop their potential. Investing in training and ­further educating people is a perfectly nat- ural thing for us to do. We gladly assume responsibility for it.” Dr. Bettina Volkens Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs Deutsche ­Lufthansa AG Ú The Training & Confer- ence Center in Seeheim celebrates its 40th anniversary The ­Lufthansa Training & Conference Center in Seeheim is our seminar and conference center. Managers, employees, and politicians have been assembling here, in a facility equipped with a first-class infrastructure, since 1973. For employees of the ­Lufthansa Group, Seeheim has been an important point of reference from time immemorial. The ­Lufthansa world meets here regularly for management conclaves and training ses- sions. Even managers and employees from other companies, in the region and beyond, continue their education in Seeheim. The ­Lufthansa Training & Conference Center is also an important regional employer. Some 270 employees from 15 countries take care of the services and see to it that everything runs smoothly, including more than 20 career entrants who have found in Seeheim a trainee position with ­Lufthansa for a career as, for example, a hotel manager or cook. Careers are promoted in Seeheim. In 2012, for example, Christina Merz was awarded the distinction of being the world’s best young chef by the Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs 2012. Ú ­Lufthansa Flight Train- ing: Success in the market for training and continuing education of flight crews ­Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH (LFT) has been operating since 1997 as an independent provider of training and continuing education for flight crews within the ­Lufthansa Group. Today its list of clients includes, in addition to the flight operators in the ­Lufthansa Group, more than 200 other airlines from all over the world. LFT’s portfolio of services includes basic training for pilots and flight attendants, simulator training, emergency and service training, and a broad spectrum of e-learning products. With a total of 40 cockpit simulators in Frankfurt, Berlin, Essen, Munich, and Vienna and flight schools in Bremen, Rostock, and Phoenix, Arizona, the company is one of the largest European training academies for pilots and flight attendants. The ­Lufthansa Group plans to concentrate its manpower in the flight training segment. By July 2015, ­Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH and Swiss Aviation Training AG (SAT) are to be merged into one company as equal partners. ß Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 99

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