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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

Last year you set up COMPASS, a pro- gram for the professional reorientation of employees. Has it been successful? COMPASS helps employees and managers to successfully reorient themselves profes- sionally. We are working closely with well- known, internationally active personnel con- sulting firms. The program is designed for those employees whose jobs are at risk as well as for employees and management staff who are interested in a new professional challenge. COMPASS offers consultation in a protected space. Employees may, for example, avail themselves of up to five separate hours of professional consultation at no charge without having to reveal their identity. With their supe- rior’s approval they can then book, if needed, a semiannual consultation package, also free of charge. Approximately 700 employees are currently taking advantage of the consultation offer. We have already successfully placed more than 160 applicants. ß Dr. Dorothee Warnke The ­Lufthansa Group has introduced a new personnel strategy. What further steps are planned? The ­Lufthansa Group’s personnel strategy aims to consolidate our position as an attrac- tive, modern, and responsible employer for which our employees are inspired to work with passion and enthusiasm. And we have devised certain key measures that are designed to achieve that aim. My colleagues in Human Resources are working with the departments at full steam to implement these. The focus here is as much on improving our management culture as it is on developing social activities. The objective is implementa- tion as quickly as possible so that our present and future employees will experience us as the ideal employer and continue to do so for as long as possible. Only in this way can the Interview with Dr. Dorothee Warnke Director of Corporate HR Strategy and Organiza- tional Development, Deutsche Lufthansa AG Personnel department provide optimal sup- port for the strategic corporate goals. To ensure that it continues to do so in the future, we will maintain our practice of con- tinuously analyzing the internal and external environments for relevant influences and developments and readjust our personnel planning, processes, and instruments as needed. It is important to us that we design efficient, effective, and economical structures that enjoy a high level of acceptance among employees and are at the same time highly beneficial for the departments. Why do you want to improve the ­Lufthansa Group’s management culture, and how do you propose to do so? The ­Lufthansa Group is undergoing a sweep- ing process of transformation aimed at ensur- ing the company’s future viability. This process will succeed only if all of us remain prepared for and open to fundamental changes and continually pursue these. Action is required from management staff especially: They need to initiate changes, question the status quo, make innovative but also difficult decisions, and inspire employees for a common cause. With the Cultural & Leadership Transition project we are supporting the company and our executives in this process through various Group-wide measures. With the Executive Board in Dialogue format, for example, we have initiated a company-wide series of events in which the Group’s Executive Board responds directly to all questions posed by management staff and employees in a kind of road show. Our newly developed manage- ment principles, which fully inform all relevant personnel processes, are the core element in all of the change initiatives. Even if the neces- sary cultural transformation takes time in a large company, the new Leadership Principles offer all management staff clear practical guidance.  84 // Social Responsibility

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