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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

the current study (as of January 14, 2014). Two of the five members making up the Exec- utive Board team are women (40%). Women accounted for 30% of the Supervisory Board in the reporting year. Indeed, with the appoint- ment of Monika Ribar to the Supervisory Board, that figure has stood at 35% since May 2014. Ú 15 years of cross-­ company mentoring Mentoring is an established method the ­Lufthansa Group uses to promote equality of opportunity for women and men as part of its personnel development program. In Septem- ber 2013, the cross-mentoring program we initiated back in 1998 entered its 15th genera- tion. The target group is women with serious career ambitions who are beginning a man- agement career. They receive guidance for Ú Women in management positions At almost 45%, the ­Lufthansa Group as a whole currently has a high proportion of female employees. Indeed, the workforce is dominated by women in service areas. We would like to further increase the ratio of women to men in technical areas. The ­Lufthansa Group has also set itself the goal of increasing the percentage of women among its managers by 30% by 2020 as compared to 2010. In the reporting year, this figure was 14.5% for the entire ­Lufthansa Group worldwide (PY: 13.6%), 16.7% in Germany (PY: 15.5%). In addition, we aim to increase the represen- tation of women in the cockpit. This stood at 5.4% in the reporting year (PY: 5.3%). Female pilots have been a familiar sight at ­Lufthansa for 25 years now. At the end of 2013 we employed 8,973 pilots, 486 of whom were female pilots and more than 100 of whom were female flight captains. Ú The ­Lufthansa Group occupies fourth place in the Women on Board index The Women on Board index is compiled annually by the Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte (“Women on Supervisory Boards”) initiative. It provides information on the proportion of women on the executive and supervisory boards of a total of 160 German companies, including the DAX 30 companies. The ­Lufthansa Group occupies fourth place in one year by a male or female mentor from one of the other companies. In confidential conversations with their mentors, the mentees consider questions and approaches relating to career matters, the demands of balancing career and family, and positioning themselves within the company. In this exchange the candidate benefits from the experience and network of her mentor. But the latter may also question his/her own management role and gain access to the mentee’s company. What makes cross-company mentoring special is the network of female talent and experienced managers across company boundaries. This enables both to look beyond familiar territory into another corporate culture and observe its rules of the game. Currently the Group is running the program in cooperation with Axel Springer, Robert Bosch, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Fraport, Hewlett-Packard, Merck, and Sanofi Deutschland. At present the ­Lufthansa Group is participating with 10 mentees and as many mentors in this double exchange of perspectives. [Ú 02] 02 Dr. Bettina Volkens, Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs of the ­Lufthansa Group, was a speaker in 2013 in the event series Women for Technology, hosted by Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 87

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