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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

Ú Jointly defining the key issues As 2014 began, the Lufthansa Group once again conducted an expert survey among representatives of their stakeholders. Its ­purpose was to compare areas of practical importance for their sustainability policies, as seen from the standpoint of our stakeholders and of the company, and to work the results accordingly into the topics as presented in the present Sustainability Report and into our strategic corporate deliberations. Among the participants in the survey were representatives of nongovernmental organiza- tions, system partners, politicians, investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and sus- tainability experts. Altogether, 21 interviews were conducted by telephone and in person. We asked our stakeholders to prioritize the items on our sustainability agenda (by field of action) and to evaluate our sustainability performance. The results of the survey pro- vided us with valuable stimuli for the future development of our sustainability agenda. Ú Actively shaping the future with SCORE The Lufthansa Group achieved an operating result of EUR 697 million in 2013. Given this economic development, the Executive Board no longer believes that the earnings target for 2015 of EUR 2.65 billion, which was set as part of the SCORE program, can be achieved, despite the substantial contributions to earn- ings made by SCORE. The Executive Board now expects an operating result of around EUR 2 billion for 2015. The company nonethe- less intends to substantially increase its operat- ing profit compared with the current year. The current development underlines the impor- tance of SCORE for the Lufthansa Group. The goal of the SCORE program is to exploit synergies within the Group, lower costs, increase revenues, and optimize processes. SCORE now comprises more than 4,200 individual projects, some 3,200 of which we have already implemented. The Lufthansa Group is thereby creating the conditions that will allow us to actively shape the future and manage the company on a sustainable basis. The SCORE program is organized on three levels. It comprises Group-wide projects, joint projects of the airlines in the Lufthansa Group, and projects within individual companies. Each project passes through five phases: conception, evaluation, planning in detail, implementation, and performance assess- ment. The SCORE tracker keeps those involved informed of the status of the various projects. This Group-wide program also has long-term corporate cultural significance. Our goals are entrepreneurship and flexibility along with optimal cooperation within the Lufthansa Group. These require motivation and a strong sense of commitment on the part of our employees. Social responsibility Climate and environmental responsibility Corporate governance and compliance Corporate citizenship Economic sustainability The dimensions of our corporate responsibility [Ú 01] Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 25

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