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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Training and continuing education

In 2013 we once again invested heavily in training and continuing education. This was an acknowledgment of our role as a socially responsible employer. In the reporting year we offered 65 different job entry possibilities for students with an interest in working for the ­Lufthansa Group. In addition, the ­Lufthansa Group once again offered traditional training in 36 occupational subject areas. 62 trainees began a dual course of studies with the help of the ­Lufthansa Group. In addition to the tradi- tional training courses, the aviation company also offers entry-level positions in flight crews. In 2013 we qualified 313 new employees for cabin crew work. In addition, we hired 29 new pilot trainees, 6.8% of whom were women. Student pilots will be “ready for takeoff” again in 2015 as they begin their training at our flight training academy in Bremen. A joint training platform for flight operators in the ­Lufthansa Group was launched as early as 2012. The goal is to harmonize training standards and approaches for cockpit and cabin crew among the Group’s companies, for example by having flight operators in the ­Lufthansa Group develop future training programs jointly and exchange training personnel among themselves. Ú Identifying talents—­ fostering potentials The ­Lufthansa Group is constantly on the lookout for highly qualified recruitment pros- pects and maintains close ties with universities and other institutions of higher learning. For this reason, the Group regularly visits training and job fairs and presents a broad portfolio of opportunities for entry into employment with the Group. For example, ­Lufthansa Technik was represented in the reporting year with an information stand at the Women in Technology career fair for the purpose of getting more women interested in the wide variety of career options offered by the ­Lufthansa Group’s maintenance specialist. In addition, the ­Lufthansa Group has a variety of programs designed to attract talented prospects with academic degrees to the company. The ProTeam General Management trainee program, for example, allows univer- sity graduates to form a comprehensive pic- ture of their professional prospects in the ­Lufthansa Group over the course of a two- year program that includes, among other things, project assignments in Germany and abroad. In 2013 we filled this trainee program for the first time Group-wide. In addition, Swiss has offered the one-year trainee pro- gram Swiss Experience since 2013. This program is designed for BA graduates spe- cializing in avionics and aviation. The English-language trainee program Inter- national Airline Professional (IAP) is intended specifically for international applicants who are trained for later deployment in their home countries. In this custom-designed program, young persons of talent become acquainted over the course of 18 months with a broad range of departments in the company at various locations. The IAP program is cur- rently undergoing revision and therefore will not be offered next year. We once again enabled participants in the st.i.p (study and intensive practice) program to combine their studies with structured intern- ships in the ­Lufthansa Group. The ­Lufthansa Group received 10,700 applications in all for the various trainee programs. In addition to the trainee programs already mentioned, individual companies in the ­Lufthansa Group have other, likewise extremely successful programs that are specific to par- ticular business segments. On May 21, 2014, for example, ­Lufthansa Cargo’s StartCargo trainee program became the first in the Group to receive a prestigious stamp of approval from The ­Lufthansa Group is one of Germany’s most fascinating and multifaceted employers. We are convinced that our investments in training and continu- ing education for our employees and managers will pay off handsomely. Our company stands for open communication, attractive working conditions, and ideal opportunities for further development. The more qualified an individual is, the greater his or her contribution towards enhancing the innovativeness and competitiveness of the ­Lufthansa Group. Training and continuing education Employees make the crucial difference Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 97

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