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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

and Stuttgart. Its portfolio of services com- prises five areas: Individual psychosocial counseling Coaching and counseling of managers and officeholders Training, workshops, and informational events Team counseling and conflict moderation Prevention and corporate health management The Social Counseling Service publishes an annual activity report. In addition, it works actively for the ­Lufthansa Group’s various health campaigns. In 2013, numerous campaigns to promote employee health took place again at ­Lufthansa’s German locations. The Social Counseling Service conducted a total of 164 seminars, workshops, training courses, and informational events. The overall score in the customer satisfaction survey stood at 1.86 in the reporting year. The range of topics included: Resilience—Building strengths (during times of change); How do I strengthen my mental resistance during periods of mount- ing stress? Healthy management practices Team and conflict management Introduction of the mental health guidelines Substance abuse in the workplace Dealing with stressors in the daily routine of a flight attendant Participation again in Germany’s national “Alcohol? Less is better!” campaign week Under the slogan “Alcohol? Less is better!” the nationwide week-long campaign launched by the association Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen (“German Center for Addiction Issues”) took place this year from May 25 to June 2, 2013. Our company was once again a participant. The ­Lufthansa Group’s Social Counseling Service conducted informational events and events relating to addiction prevention all across Germany with the support of the Group’s Medical Service and some health insurance funds. On the topic of Residual alcohol as a risk factor in particular, visitors were presented with findings that were often new and surprising to them. Ú Effective management of employee safety The Group Employee Safety department works closely with physicians, social counsel- ors, employee representatives, and respon- sible staff in the companies of the ­Lufthansa Group. Its goal is to ensure and enhance the long-term health and employability of all employees, in particular by regularly identify- ing and evaluating hazards in the workplace and implementing measures to achieve a lasting reduction in the number of work- related accidents and illnesses. In addition, the department’s experts work to identify risk factors for work-related illnesses early on and ward them off. Their responsibilities also include counseling to promote health, train- ing in safety matters, instructing employees in the noise laboratory, and developing and updating health-related information on the company’s intranet. Numerous health management activities Ú In 2013 we once again initiated numerous health campaigns at our various company locations. For example, ­Lufthansa’s Flight Attendants’ Health Management service, in cooperation with the Volkshochschule Frankfurt, planned an educational leave program on the topic of Staying healthy on the job and in daily life. The focus of this program was a holistic approach to health, and it helped the participants identify and take advantage of the options and resources available to them in their efforts to remain healthy, resilient, and productive. At the instigation of the Medical Service in Hamburg, Lufthansa Technik has been participating in the University of Hamburg’s long-term, multicenter scientific study on metabolic syndrome, a complex of symptoms consisting of high blood pres- sure, obesity, and high blood fat, all of which are particularly significant as risk factors for secondary illnesses such as heart disease or strokes. The 10-year study has been conducted in phases or legs in the Medical Service. The last leg took place between November 2013 and January 2014 and again had an excellent response, with over 1,500 subjects taking part in the study. ­Lufthansa’s Hamburg base, meanwhile, held its annual Health Day in cooperation with the Medical Service and with the support of the health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse. The extensive informational services on offer for ­Lufthansa employees ranged from a cardiovascular check-up and relaxation coaching to nutritional counseling. The ­Lufthansa Group’s Social Counseling Service also was present with a market stall. Ú Networked health management: Passenger Medical Care The services provided by the Passenger Medical Care department expand our work in the area of health management. Among other things, Passenger Medical Care works together with the Medical Operation Center and our network of panel physicians to care for acutely ill crew members. This involves coordinating ground processes, medical transports, and flight operations and making use of the Medical Service’s expertise as well as continually dealing with on-board medical emergencies in the background. In this way we ensure that the medical safety of both passengers and crew members meets the highest international quality requirements. ß Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 101

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