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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Embodying corporate responsibility

The focus of our attention is our customers and their mobility needs. Our efforts towards continual improvement are based on long- term value creation, prudent management of opportunities and risks, rigorous management of our supply chains, and constructive dia- logue with our stakeholders. Assuming corporate responsibility in the Lufthansa Group encompasses matters of economic, ecological, and social sustain- ability together with corporate governance and compliance as well as corporate citizen- ship. Our five-dimensional model makes sustainable corporate management in all its facets intelligible for our many and varied stakeholders [Ú 01]. The individual chapters and subchapters of the present report provide detailed information about the various areas on which our commit- ments are focused. In addition, we include for the first time a separate chapter devoted entirely to a report on product responsibility. The Lufthansa Group is committed to pursu- ing sustainable and responsible management practices in all of its business segments. In particular, our extensive investments in a new, even quieter and more fuel-efficient fleet constitute an important step towards making present and future means of human mobility environmentally compatible. The cash value added (CVA) approach to measuring com- pany performance under a value-based management regime integrates value- and future-oriented thinking into all decision- making processes. The Lufthansa Group’s business operations and its sustainability agenda are influenced by many different social developments. Current global megatrends and future challenges include, in addition to population growth and increasing human mobility, demographic changes, the trend towards a service econ- omy, and growing access to the Internet. At the same time, there is a mounting need for security, and environmental protection is taking on ever greater importance in light of impending climate change and dwindling resources. Confronting these challenges is what we mean by acting “sustainably.” Our aim is to create, with innovative services and products, long-term positive value for our shareholders, customers, employees, and the good of society. Through its contribution to our earn- ings, our corporate program SCORE, which we instituted in 2012, creates an important prerequisite and the necessary scope of action for sustainable business practice. The Lufthansa Group is steadfast in its pursuit of sustainable business practice. This creates positive prospects for our com- panies, our employees, our shareholders, and our customers. The Lufthansa Group is pursuing four strategic goals: Increase the company’s value. Expand the leading market position of our airlines and service companies by actively shaping the aviation industry. Continuously increase customer satisfaction. Conduct economically, ecologically, and socially balanced and sustainable business. Embodying corporate responsibility Sustainable business practice is an important influencing factor on our ability to ensure the future viability of the Lufthansa Group. Responsible entrepre- neurial practice is firmly embedded in our corporate strategy. Its guiding prin- ciple is shaping the future together.  24 // Sustainable Business Practice

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