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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - A new personnel strategy for the Lufthansa Group

A new personnel strategy for the ­Lufthansa Group On course with Forward with HR Social change exposes companies to formi- dable challenges. Demographic trends are already exacerbating a shortage of skilled workers and managers. We are grappling with this problem as much as we are with techno- logical change and social trends, including digitalization, globalization, and the diversifica- tion of models for balancing hours on and off the job. Our personnel management staff is responding to these challenges as the times demand. Hence we consider work-life integra- tion, home office options, and flexible work- space models when formulating our strate- gies. We expect that future generations will clearly articulate their expectations to their employers. Ú Ensuring lasting competitiveness We want to preserve and further consolidate our competitiveness in the future as well. To do so we developed our corporate program SCORE in 2012. One of the consequences of SCORE is around 3,500 job cuts, which are taking place with the full involvement of the ­Lufthansa Group’s various personnel depart- ments. These cuts are mainly being made through voluntary measures and they are always compatible with social policy. In this regard, SCORE had a significant impact in 2013 on the work of our HR managers. But also required are a forward-looking approach to personnel management and efforts to increase our attractiveness as an employer. Our aim is to stay ahead of the general trends so that we remain able to attract the right talent to the ­Lufthansa Group over the long term. To that end we are con- tinually improving our personnel manage- ment. The new personnel strategy we are implementing now was formulated in 2013 for this reason. The following statement of how the ­Lufthansa Group would like to position itself in the future serves as the basis for the fundamentally new direction being taken in the strategic areas for action: We—the ­Lufthansa Group—position ourselves as an attractive, modern, and responsible employer for which our employees work with passion and enthusiasm. In our pursuit of value-oriented corporate management, our employees are of central importance. The ­Lufthansa Group is known for its outstanding services and is already consid- ered a highly attractive employer among the workforce. For years now, the ­Lufthansa Group has emerged as one of the favorite employers in various rankings by employees. In the Trendence Graduate Barometer 2014, for instance, university graduates with degrees in economics put the aviation company in fourth place in the top employer rankings. The ­Lufthansa Group also placed among Ger- many’s top 10 employers in the Universum Student Survey 2014, just as it had done in 2013. We position ­ourselves as an attractive, modern, and responsible employer for which our employees work with passion and enthusiasm. The ­Lufthansa Group’s productivity and ability to innovate depend in large measure on making optimal use of highly qualified employees. Also of central importance are motivation and passion, because only enthusiastic employees can generate enthusiasm among our customers.  82 // Social Responsibility

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