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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

Ú  05 /Dialogue with ­persons living in proximity to airports and other stakeholders The ­Lufthansa Group has been engaged for years in a neighborly dialogue with politi- cians, experts, and residents of areas near airports. Maintaining this exchange is a key concern for us. One example that may serve as a visible expression of our efforts in this regard is the Information Center of the Envi- ronment and Community House (UNH) in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt am Main, which opened in April 2013 [Ú 13]. Together with other system partners, the Lufthansa Group provides the project with material support and content. The UNH contains interactive exhibition spaces dedicated to topics such as noise and sound, aviation and the environ- ment, and the importance of the airport to the economy and the labor market. Its most important goal is to bring about lasting and continual improvement in communication and Ú 80% quieter as a result of technical innovations Aircraft today are 80% quieter than they were 60 years ago. This progress has been based primarily on developments in engine technol- ogy; see [Ú 12]. Aircraft are improving aero- dynamically all the time. They produce smaller vortices and therefore less noise. With each new generation of aircraft there is a reduction in noise emissions as compared to the previ- ous models. In addition, industry and science are working hand-in-hand to reduce noise emissions ever further, so that an aircraft’s noise contours [Ú 02] are being increasingly limited to the airport premises. This also reduces the burden of aircraft noise on the local population. Furthermore, guidelines such as those for noise certification by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are having an impact. These specify the level of permissible noise emissions from new aircraft models. Many older and louder aircraft are no longer allowed at European airports at all. Exceptions are made for relief supply flights and vintage airplanes. ß 2nd generation of bypass engines 1st generation of bypass engines Jet engines 1950 1980 2010 Reducing noise at the source [Ú 12] Less noise as the result of modern engine ­technology. Investments in the billions that have paid off: 80% quieter in 60 years.  Source: Airbus – 25 dB – 80% dB 13 View of the interior of the Information Center of the Environment and Com- munity House in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt, which opened in April 2013. Together with other system partners, the ­Lufthansa Group provides material sup- port and content for the project. [Ú 13] cooperation among the airport, its users, and its neighbors. ß Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 21

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