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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Social commitment

Ú help alliance: “Help for self-help” The help alliance, established in 1999 by employees from all segments of the ­Lufthansa Group, is currently supporting some 40 long-term aid projects worldwide. The members of this aid initiative work on these projects on a voluntary basis, are politically and denominationally independent, and collect donations for use in meaningful ways in social aid projects all over the world. Their humanitarian activities are focused on nutritional and health programs, schools and educational institutions, orphanages, and street children projects in Africa, Asia, and South America. In all of its projects, the help alliance pursues the objective of helping victims help themselves, thereby enabling them to improve their living conditions by their own efforts. Cooperation with experi- enced partners and regular visits by project managers to the project sites ensure that the projects maintain a high standard of quality. The help alliance also provides disaster relief. The ­Lufthansa Group provides the organiza- tion with financial, logistical, and communica- tion support. The help alliance publishes detailed information on its activities and the progress of its various projects in its Annual Report and on its website. Swimming, cycling, and running for a good cause What the two ­Lufthansa A320 pilots Sebastian Bartel and Lars Heurich accomplished during the reporting year went far beyond a race for water in Gambia. Independently of one another, the two came up with the idea of taking part in the Ironman and Ultraman competitions in Hawaii for the benefit of a help alliance aid project. For each one of the more than 700 kilometers covered in the competitions, EUR 50 could be donated on, the help alliance’s online fundraising partner. In this way the two extreme athletes succeeded in raising more than EUR 40,000 for a water project in Gam- bia. Managed by the Sabab Lou Foundation, a help alliance partner, the project aims not only to provide a source of clean drinking water by means of solar pump and irrigation systems, but also to help the inhabitants of (to date) three villages in Gambia achieve greater economic self-sufficiency. Greater harvests thanks to the availability of water mean more income for the people—the calculation The companies of the ­Lufthansa Group and their employees are not ­limiting their humanitarian commitment to emergency aid. A range of initiatives ­founded by Group employees supports numerous long-term aid projects. Social commitment [Ú 04] alliance  106 // Corporate Citizenship

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