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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Humanitarian emergency aid

Ú There is no alternative to the use of aircraft to transport supplies quickly and safely. Special flights are usually organized in close cooperation with the German government and reputable aid organizations. Over the past several years we have invested steadily in humanitarian emergency aid. ­Lufthansa Cargo is part of a professional network of logistics companies and reputable German aid organizations. In February 2013 this freight specialist signed an agreement with the emergency relief alliance Aktion Deutsch- land Hilft and its partner World Vision Deutsch- land. This agreement gives relief organizations direct access to ­Lufthansa Cargo’s logistics capabilities for missions outside of Germany. It also promises to deliver ad hoc aid even faster and more ­professionally. ­Lufthansa and ­Lufthansa Cargo fly more than 80 tonnes of relief supplies to the Philippines Just days after typhoon Haiyan wreaked devastation on the Philippines, the ­Lufthansa Group was already delivering emergency aid. On November 10, 2013, we flew relief sup- plies to Manila in a wide-body Airbus A340- 600. These included 5,400 fleece blankets, 3,000 large plastic tarpaulins and tents, and medical equipment. On the initiative of a ­Lufthansa pilot who had flown the empty aircraft to the Philippines for maintenance, a decision was quickly made to seize the opportunity to use it for this life-saving mission. What followed was an unparalleled action by ­Lufthansa German Airlines, ­Lufthansa Cargo, and ­Lufthansa Technik in cooperation with two other organizations, World Vision e.V. and International Search and Rescue Germany (I.S.A.R.). The Joint Report- ing and Incident Center at the German Fed- eral Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance coordinated the offers of assis- tance. Those involved in the effort assembled the 25-tonne aid package at the Frankfurt hub in less than 36 hours. ­Lufthansa Cargo began another relief flight bound for the Philippines on November 22, 2013. Working with the relief alliance Aktion Deutschland, ­Lufthansa Cargo, in coopera- tion with other companies in the ­Lufthansa Group, once again delivered aid quickly, and without the usual red tape, to a population hard hit by the typhoon. On board the freight aircraft were some 60 tonnes of relief sup- plies, including urgently needed food pack- ages, medical equipment, water treatment units, and tents. We also set up an account with our employee organization help alliance for donations. The EUR 120,000 in donations that was raised was doubled to EUR 240,000 by the ­Lufthansa Group’s Executive Board. This money is going mainly towards rebuild- ing destroyed villages in the Philippines. ß The ­Lufthansa Group has a long history of organizing aid flights to regions experiencing humanitarian disasters quickly and professionally. Our main role is to provide the logistical support for getting emergency aid to victims, and our aid flights provide quick assistance without bureaucratic delays. Humanitarian emergency aid 01 / 02 / 03 Together with the emergency relief alliance Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Lufthansa Cargo transported roughly 60 tonnes of relief supplies to the Philippines. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 105

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