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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

Lufthansa Group Suppliers Contractual partners Science Research Education Capital market Investors Shareholders Analysts Rating agencies Neighbors Local communities Society Publicity Social networks Employees Employee ­representatives Governments Legislators Politicians Authorities Customers Consumers LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) Organizations Consortia Ú Our dialogue with indi- vidual stakeholders Shaping the future together expresses the guiding principle behind our approach to corporate management and its pursuit of sustainability. It is entirely in keeping with this spirit that we attach great value to maintaining, in a spirit of trust, an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. Passengers/customers Customers are always at the center of the Lufthansa Group’s attention. Their satisfaction is an important concern for us. For more than a decade Lufthansa has therefore systemati- cally gauged the level of our passengers’ satisfaction using, for example, the CPI (Cus- tomer Profile Index). This index reflects cus- tomer evaluations all along the service chain. In 2013 the CPI once again rose in compari- son to the previous year—from 7,733 to 7,804 points. This represents a roughly 1% increase in our passengers’ level of satisfaction. In addition, the Lufthansa Group is continually seeking dialogue with its customers, and it has designed a new feedback process with its customer advisory boards (see “Customer satisfaction,” page 72). Our customers and other stakeholders may also receive and exchange extensive informa- tion about the Lufthansa Group through the Discover Lufthansa visitor service at our Frankfurt and Hamburg locations. This ser- vice is intended specifically for top German and international customers from various industries as well as for students, university or college graduates, persons living in the vicinity of airports, and representatives of various associations and research institutes. In 2013, 4,645 interested persons availed themselves of the opportunities offered in Frankfurt for dialogue on various topics, including topics relating to sustainability, by taking part in 485 expert-guided tours and other events. Roughly 40% of the events were for corporate or sales customers. Research institutes and institutes such as the Max Planck Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), and the Schmalenbach Gesellschaft accounted for 16%, the second highest share, of visitors. 03 For the first time the visitor service organized bicycle tours for employees in conjunction with a tour of Lufthansa’s flagship A380. [Ú 03] The diverse stakeholders of the Lufthansa Group   Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 31

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