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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Employee safety and health protection

The Medical Service, with its physicians specializing in occupational, aviation, and tropical medicine, takes care of all health- related concerns that ­Lufthansa Group employees might have. This department works in close contact with Group Employee Safety, ­Lufthansa’s Social Counseling Service, and the health experts at the various Group companies. The Health working group has established itself as a forum for regular interdepartmental exchange; it meets four times a year. In order to fulfill even more effectively the steadily increasing legal requirements for health care, the Medical Service sought and received certification in 2012 to DIN EN ISO 9001. The certification applies to the locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne and covers the fol- lowing areas: occupational, aviation, and tropical medicine; the Aero Medical Center; administrative control; Passenger Medical Care; and the Social Counseling Service. With the goal of securing and further improv- ing upon the standards already achieved in quality management (QM), the Medical Ser- vice trains internal QM commissioners. In addition, the Medical Service assumes responsibility for the medical supervision and quality management of all medical transports, including those that require the use of ­Lufthansa’s globally unique flying intensive- care unit, the Patient Transportation Compart- ment (PTC) (cf. page 75). Ú Social Counseling The ­Lufthansa Social Counseling Service has served the Group’s employees as a central contact point for private, financial, and family- related problems and workplace conflicts since 1985. This is offered as a voluntary social service by the ­Lufthansa Group and serves an impor- tant function in fulfilling the company’s duty to provide for the welfare of its employees for purposes of employee safety and health protection. The Social Counseling Service is provided at numerous locations in Germany, including Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Nuremberg, Hanover, Berlin, Düsseldorf, The healthier and more motivated our employees are, the better they are able to perform. Safe working conditions that are conducive to health and well- being are, therefore, an integral element of the ­Lufthansa Group’s job safety and health protection programs. As the business activities of the individual Group companies vary significantly, the requirements for job safety and health management vary as well. So it is only logical that these call for fundamentally decentralized organization. Employee safety and health protection  100 // Social Responsibility

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