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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

08 Employee Feedback Management: In 2013 the Lufthansa Group once again used attractive posters to encourage participation in the employee survey. Employee Feedback Management (EFM) allows us to give greater consideration to employees’ opinions in our corporate man- agement. The 2013 EFM was conducted as a brief interview for the purpose of enhancing the sustainability of the measures derived from the 2012 EFM and bringing transpar- ency to their implementation. The company uses the EFM survey to measure, in particular, levels of employee attachment to the com- pany, employee satisfaction, and employee commitment. The results reflect challenges that are being driven by the changes currently taking place. Attachment to the company improved by 2 percentage points in the reporting year, while satisfaction reached the same level as in the previous year. The written comments received from 3,790 of the employees surveyed have provided the management with an additional source of valuable information and suggestions. A special plus point for the EFM in the report- ing year: For every questionnaire that was filled in, the company is donating one euro to the charitable aid initiative help alliance, which is supported by employees of the ­Lufthansa Group (see page 106). The Group assigned the analysis of the survey to an external institute. The results for 2013 are available as 1,430 individual reports. In the interests of maintaining an open and constructive dialogue and making improve- ments, employees and their superiors also met for talks to review the results. Employee surveys are conducted in the other divisions of the ­Lufthansa Group as well, not just at Lufthansa German Airlines or in the Employee Feedback Management (EFM) allows us to give greater consideration to employees’ opinions in our corporate management. administrative offices. Using the standardized Employee Commitment Index (ECI), an inter- nal benchmark can be established Group- wide. The ECI is employer-independent and calculated on the basis of four questions which must be a constituent part of every employee survey. Encouraged by the positive response to the employee feedback, the ­Lufthansa Group also plans to implement a uniform survey process across all business segments in the coming years. “We have received word from nearly 90% of EFM partici- pants that they are familiar with the EFM results for 2012 and have even been discuss- ing them with their managers. Nearly half of those surveyed also reported that there had been an improvement as a result of the EFM,” says Lars Ottmer, Vice President for Personnel Development at Lufthansa German Airlines. The EFM results are naturally of relevance to the Executive Board as well. “The Executive Board has discussed them in depth, and we have agreed to seek further improvement in 2014 in the following three areas where action is needed: communication, attachment, and leadership,” comments Dr. Bettina Volkens, the ­Lufthansa Group’s Chief Officer for Corpo- rate Human Resources and Legal Affairs. While discussions do not automatically trans- late into change, it is evident that concrete action towards change is most likely to suc- ceed when employees are involved. That is precisely what the EFM is all about, and what makes the survey sustainable. ß  94 // Social Responsibility

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