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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

04 SCORE poster on the subject of joint fuel purchasing. [Ú 04] is responsible for introducing valid key perfor- mance indicators and mandatory reporting standards throughout the Group, and it con- tinues to develop them further. It is also estab- lishing a Group-wide innovation management program for fuel efficiency. Experts from all the various segments of the ­Lufthansa Group are working at full speed to develop measures to make the use of fuel as efficient as possible and thereby achieve an even greater dissocia- tion between fuel consumption and transport performance. In addition to the ecological benefits, this will produce economic gains for us. The goal is to make a positive contribution of EUR 196 million to the Group’s bottom line by 2015 with the fuel efficiency measures. Furthermore, a code of conduct passed in early 2014 provides that the projects to reduce fuel consumption are to be set up uniformly across the Group and that their data are to be recorded in a central reporting system. All of the Group’s fuel efficiency experts are networked together through an internal exchange of knowledge in the regu- larly occurring Fuel Efficiency Group (FEG) conference. To date the Fuel Efficiency Team has developed some 1,000 ideas and proj- ects. In addition, it has already implemented 130 of the 280 measures contained in SCORE, our corporate program for the future (for details about SCORE see the chapter “Sustainable Business Practice,” page 25). For 2014 we made a decision to defer our search for creative ideas on how to further increase fuel efficiency in favor of implement- ing the SCORE measures. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 53

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