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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Flight safety and health protection

For the sake of flight safety, all airlines of the ­Lufthansa Group have safety management systems (SMS) that follow the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The purpose of these systems is to determine the safety level of flight operations, detect and measure risks in advance, and lower the risk of accidents through suitable countermeasures. ­Lufthansa has developed for this purpose new and accredited pro- cesses for systematic risk analysis and assessment. In addition, ­Lufthansa heads a consortium of various university professors and research institutions whose goal is to develop meaningful parameters for measuring flight safety. Such safety performance indica- tors enable us to control accident risk more effectively. But ­Lufthansa is setting standards in matters of safety with traditional measures too, such as its heavy investments in aircraft equipment and a pilot training program with- out equal in the industry. Within the ­Lufthansa Group, independent departments monitor compliance with flight rules and procedures. In addition, the experts make safety recommendations and advise the airline on all matters of relevance to flight safety. The Group Safety Pilot department coordinates the cooperative efforts in safety matters among the companies of the ­Lufthansa Group. Ú The IOSA audit—a com- prehensive standard for aviation safety An independent review of the safety standards of the airlines in the ­Lufthansa Group takes place every two years with the IATA Opera- tional Safety Audit (IOSA). The IOSA is inter- nationally the most widely-accepted standard for aviation safety. All airlines in the ­Lufthansa Group fully satisfy the IATA safety standards. ­Lufthansa Cargo was the first IOSA-registered cargo airline in the world. With its first suc- cessful completion of an intensive audit in 2007, the ­Lufthansa Group’s cargo specialist has been a trailblazer for flight safety stan- dards as they apply to cargo airlines. In 2014 ­Lufthansa also became the first airline in the ­Lufthansa Group to be audited accord- ing to the new Enhanced IOSA Standard, which becomes mandatory in September 2015. Flight safety and health protection are the ­Lufthansa Group’s highest priority For the ­Lufthansa Group, the safety and health of passengers, crew members, and employees always come first. It is the duty of the management and all employees of the ­Lufthansa Group to monitor flight safety risks and achieve a constant rise in the level of safety.  74 // Product Responsibility

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