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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

seems simple enough. A ­Lufthansa employee in Stuttgart has invested heavily of herself in ensuring that it works out in practice as well. Ultraman Lars Heurich, whose most fervent wish from the outset was to be on hand to see the water supply system operate for the first time, was able to confirm first-hand that it does. A new brand presence for the anniversary year To mark its 15th anniversary, the help alliance is rejuvenating itself with a new public image. This includes, in addition to a new website and a new logo—both designed by the agency meerdesguten Brand Identity—an improved system for online donations on the website, and it aims above all to bring the various actors closer together. The new pres- ence is designed to reflect the unique level of commitment demonstrated by ­Lufthansa Group employees and their solidarity with the people they seek to help. At the same time, it makes clear that the help alliance is not a closed initiative within the ­Lufthansa Group. The first non-airline company to partner with the help alliance Following a trip to Vietnam and a visit to the help alliance project Saigon Children’s ­Charity, the franchise company ­Lufthansa City Center Reisebüros decided to integrate the help alliance as a partner into its own corpo- rate responsibility strategy. As a first step, the company assumed the costs of printing 1.3 million donation bags for on-board collec- tions, a portion of which were retained for use in its own travel agencies. This year one of the travel agencies affiliated with the chain and located in Schwalbach near Frankfurt will be making the help alliance one of the beneficia- ries of its Sports against Poverty campaign. Other campaigns are being planned. 04 Sebastian Bartel (left) ran the Ironman in Hawaii to benefit the water project in Gambia. Lars Heurich then followed up at the Ultraman. 05 Mariama Diba and Edith Lanfer (help alliance) are delighted as the water supply system successfully begins operation. [Ú 05] Small change— it’s a big help Ú To give ­Lufthansa Group passengers the opportunity to help build a bridge to a bet- ter life for people in need, the help alliance launched the on-board collection program Small change—it’s a big help in 2001. This allows passengers to donate coins and banknotes in any currency they may happen to be returning with on long-haul flights. Small sealable collection bags are provided for this purpose in the seat pockets aboard the air- craft. These are collected by flight attendants and turned over to the help alliance. Valuable leftover cash can also be deposited in the donation pillars located in airport employee areas, the ­Lufthansa Lounges at all German and selected international airports, and in the public areas of the Frankfurt and Munich hubs. Following Condor and Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines joined the on-board collec- tion program on July 1, 2012. Since March 15, 2013, all Germanwings aircraft also have been provided with donation bags. More than EUR 3 million has been collected for the aid initiative since on-board collection began. Swiss also has been collecting leftover cash aboard its flights for many years, and it sup- ports the aid organization SOS Children’s Vil- lages and the independent employee founda- tion Swiss Children’s Foundation. On-board collection program Development of donations in EUR 1     2013  301,566 2012  318,380 2011  205,362 2010  286,184 2009  224,053 2008  230,433 2007  260,939 2006  279,575 2005  294,870 2004  238,023 2003  216,539 2002  232,692 2001  207,175 October 2002: Start of Condor’s participation September 2011: Start of Brussels Airlines’ participation July 2012: Start of Austrian Airlines’ participation 1 As the final figures were not yet available at the close of copy, all figures mentioned for 2013 in this article are preliminary. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2014 // Lufthansa Group // 107

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