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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Involvement in science

Ú MOZAIC: More than 24,000 measuring flights serve to increase the accuracy of climate models We began our involvement in climate research as far back as 1993. Under the MOZAIC project (Measurement of Ozone, Water Vapor, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen Oxides aboard Airbus In-Service Aircraft), more than 24,000 flights conducted for measuring pur- poses were completed over a period of 20 years following a one-year development phase for the measuring instruments we helped develop for the project. This enabled us to gather extensive data on the ozone, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen content of the atmosphere. On the basis of the data collected aboard two ­Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 long-haul aircraft, scientists were able to increase the accuracy of climate models and improve weather forecasting models. The measuring flights also allowed us to gather a globally unique data source for water vapor and ozone. With more than 300 destinations all around the world, our route network offers ideal opportunities to lend assistance to climate research. Aside from its involvement in cli- mate research, the ­Lufthansa Group is active in numerous other research projects. These include noise research, the testing of alterna- tive fuels, the development of alternative propulsion technologies for land-based trans- portation means, and projects to develop technical innovations for use in commercial aircraft maintenance. In these areas and in our climate research projects we have been able to score signifi- cant successes over the past several years. Our contribution to science and research has been especially multifarious in the field of climate research. Our involvement has also made it possible to achieve greater accuracy in weather forecasts and climate predictions and to gather more precise information on the composition of our air quality. Involvement in science Twenty years of climate research on scheduled flights Global climate change constitutes one of the greatest challenges that human- ity is faced with. Reliable forecasts of future climate trends are therefore of key importance. To improve the climate models needed for such forecasts, con- stant comparisons between the model and reality are necessary. For the past 20 years the ­Lufthansa Group has been helping to observe the condition of the Earth’s atmosphere. [Ú 13] [Ú 15] [Ú 14]  66 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility

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