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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

and work intensively to introduce new noise- reducing takeoff and landing approach proce- dures. One measure already implemented in Frankfurt is the scheduled alternation of differ- ent takeoff runways referred to as dedicated runway operations. This results in predictable, genuine breaks from noise. In addition, the angle of approach to the new northwest runway in Frankfurt has been increased for certain weather conditions from 3.0 to 3.2 degrees, which results in higher overfly altitudes. This is one of the few means available to afford people living in proximity to the airport and directly below the final approach path at least some mild relief from the noise [Ú 11]. 3.2 ° 3.0 ° 929 m 602 m 292 m New angle of approach Previous angle of approach 870 m 565 m 275 m Mainz Hochheim Flörsheim Frankfurt Airport Flying higher for longer [Ú 11] Since the middle of October 2012, the angle of approach to the northwest runway has been increased by almost 7%.  A steep angle of approach contributes to noise abatement. The illustration above uses the approach to Frankfurt Airport’s northwest runway as an example. Ú 04 /Joint development of noise-reducing landing approach and takeoff procedures with our ­system partners In its efforts to fly more quietly, the Lufthansa Group has been having successful results for a long time with new flight procedures such as continuous descent operations, steeper approaches, and changes in flight routes. Such noise-reducing takeoff and landing procedures are another focus of our active noise abatement measures, such as those developed and implemented in the Airport and Region Forum (FFR) in Frankfurt. Our flight operations are tied into these measures in numerous ways. Noise reduction at the Frankfurt hub: Relief for those affected the most Particularly in Frankfurt, our biggest German hub, representatives of the flight operators regularly take part in a roundtable of experts Financial incen- tive systems for airlines. Did you know that … Ú Since 2001, aircraft that take off or land in Frankfurt are clas- sified according to the aircraft type’s noise level as actually measured in Frankfurt? Louder types of aircraft bear a heavier fee burden. The Frankfurt Airport is an international pio- neer with its noise-based fee structure. Source: Fraport, ­Bericht über Schallschutz am Flughafen Frankfurt (Report on noise abatement at Frankfurt Airport), ­October 2012 – March 2013  20 // More quietly into the future

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