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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - About this report

About this report The present sustainability report Balance informs stakeholders and the interested public about the goals, activities, and advances of the Lufthansa Group in the areas of business, social responsibility, environment, and corporate citizenship. The data presented in this report pertain to the financial year 2013. Corporate responsibility as understood in the Lufthansa Group has the following five dimensions: Economic sustainability Social responsibility Climate and environmental responsibility Corporate governance and compliance Corporate citizenship The Corporate governance and compli- ance dimension is considered in the chapter “Sustainable Business Practice”. A new chapter, “Product Responsibility”, appears for the first time in the present edition of this report. Scope of consolidation and comparability Explanatory notes on the scope of con- solidation, comparability of data, and the methodology employed to calculate the absolute and specific consumption of resources by the Lufthansa Group are to be found on page 125. Changes in our portfolio in recent years limit the extent to which the personnel figures and environ- mental data presented in this report are comparable to those reported for previ- ous years. The cooperative arrangement between Lufthansa and the regional airline Contact Air, to cite one example, ended in September 2012. This report also differs from the 2013 Annual Report in the approaches it takes to passenger numbers and the indicators derived from them (see the explanatory notes to the table At a glance on page 02). Publication dates of this report Balance, the Sustainability Report of the Lufthansa Group, is published once a year in a German and an English edition. The previous edition was published on June 6, 2013. Additional information on the Internet In addition to this report, Lufthansa pro- vides a source of information about its activities in the area of sustainability at this Internet address: Disclaimer in respect of forward- looking statements The data included in this report have been collected and processed with the utmost care. Nevertheless, errors in transmission cannot be ruled out entirely. Information published in this report that relates to the future development of the Lufthansa Group and its subsidiaries consists purely of forecasts and assess- ments and not of definitive historical facts. It is intended for informational purposes only and is qualified by the use of such cautionary verbs as believe, expect, forecast, intend, project, plan, estimate, count on, and endeavor. These forward-looking statements are based on all discernible information, facts, and expectations available to us at this time. They can, therefore, only claim validity up to the date of their publication. Since forward-looking statements are by nature subject to uncertainties and imponder- able risk factors—such as changes in underlying economic conditions—and rest on assumptions that future events may not entirely, if at all, confirm, it is possible that the Group’s actual results and the course of its development may differ substantially from those forecast. Lufthansa makes a point of checking and updating the information it publishes. It cannot, however, assume any obligation to adjust statements referring to the future in light of events or developments that may occur at some later date. Accordingly, it neither expressly nor implicitly accepts liability, nor does it give any guarantee for the topicality, accu- racy, or completeness of these data or information. ß 1 Taken from the Annual Report 2013 of the Lufthansa Group. 2 For the reporting year 2013, the following companies have been included in Balance: Lufthansa (including Lufthansa CityLine, Air Dolomiti, Eurowings, Augsburg Airways), Germanwings, Lufthansa Cargo, Swiss (including Edelweiss Air) and Austrian Airlines. Excluding the services of third parties as Lufthansa can influence neither performance nor the equipment operated (see also table Share of third parties on page 52). 3 Types of flights taken into account: all scheduled and charter flights. 4 See also table Fuel consumption on page 52. 5 Value corrected due to calculation error. 6 Balance: segments (operational perspective); Annual Report: Distance (customer perspective). One distance can include several seg- ments, e.g. in the event of stops en route. 7 Balance: on the basis of all passengers aboard; Annual Report: on the basis of all revenue passengers. 8 Companies referred to as in 2, but including the services of third parties, as these contribute to the Group’s results. Types of flights as in 3, but including ferry flights, as these represent costs. Þ // 01

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