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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Our fundamental focus

Our goal is to achieve a steady increase in customer satisfaction. We have made our commitment to this goal one of the four cor- nerstones of our corporate strategy. A key concern for us is that we maintain a strong emphasis on accommodating the diversity of our international customer base. We design our services accordingly—with on- board meal and entertainment choices that are appropriate to specific target groups, assistance for children traveling alone, and assistance for travelers with restricted mobility, to mention just a few examples. In addition, we are constantly improving our feedback management procedures. The safety and health of our passengers, crews, and employees are of key impor- tance to us. Swiss, for example, was certified in 2014 as the world’s first allergy- friendly airline and is a pioneer in that respect among the ­Lufthansa Group. Large volumes of data are processed every day in the ­Lufthansa Group. Current social and technical trends are making people all over the world acutely aware of the need for data security. The topic of data protection and data security therefore continues to gain in importance for the ­Lufthansa Group as well. We aim to live up to our responsibility to keep the impact of our flight operations on the environment as low as possible. Many customers share this concern and wish to offset the CO2 emissions resulting from their air travel. We have developed appropriate options in this respect too as part of our product and service chain. ß Our fundamental focus safety, health, satisfaction The companies of the ­Lufthansa Group continually review and improve their products along the entire service chain. This ranks high in importance for our business success. 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 Service excellence: For the airlines of the Lufthansa Group, maintaining a focus on the customer is a key concern.  70 // Product Responsibility

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