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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

03  / Active involvement in noise research We are conducting research for quieter flying. We are identifying noise sources and deriving options for action from what we find. We are participating in studies on the effects of noise. We have been involved in the Quiet Traffic research network for 15 years. 01 / Investments in the most advanced aircraft We always put a premium on having the most advanced technologies. 261 new aircraft will be delivered to us between 2014 and 2025. We buy the quietest engines available on the market. We are thereby considerably reducing the noise burden on ­people living in the vicinity of airports. ­Lufthansa Boeing 747-8  The chevron nozzle reduces jet noise; for more details see page 14 More quietly into the future The dimensions of our commitment 02 / Retrofitting the existing fleet in order to reduce noise We are retrofitting our fleet with new noise-reducing technologies. 157 aircraft in the existing fleet are getting vortex generators, which lower the noise level of an aircraft during its landing approach by up to four decibels. All ­Lufthansa B 737 aircraft stationed in Frankfurt have been equipped with noise mufflers.  12 // More quietly into the future

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