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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN - Sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship Since 2007 the ­Lufthansa Group has been a national sponsor of the German Sports Aid Foundation, which currently supports some 3,800 athletes from all Olympic disciplines, traditional non-Olympic sports, and sports organized for deaf athletes and athletes with disabilities. More than 90% of all German athletes who participated in the 2014 Olympic Games and Paralympics in Sochi were spon- sored by the German Sports Aid Foundation. But no one hoping to make it to first place in international competition can avoid making certain sacrifices. Many athletes therefore decide in favor of a professional career path despite outstanding athletic prospects. The German Sports Aid Foundation launched the Springboard to the Future initiative to keep the two paths mutually compatible. A package of measures has been put together that includes short-term internships lasting four to six weeks and a mentoring program, all designed to eliminate the disadvantages that those who pursue an athletic career face when making post-athletic career choices. The ­Lufthansa Group is leading the way as a positive exam- ple and supports Springboard to the Future. A total of 100 German commercial enterprises have already joined the initiative. Ú ­Lufthansa flies German Olympic and Paralympic teams to Sochi As the official airline of the German Olympic team and the National Paralympic Committee Germany, ­Lufthansa took care of flying the German teams to Sochi. These teams have been flying with ­Lufthansa to athletic venues since 1972. Since the airline does not nor- mally include the city on the Black Sea in its itinerary, we published a special flight sched- ule just for these international athletic events, one that would allow the athletes to fly directly [Ú 10] Ú The ­Lufthansa Group supports the German Sports Aid Founda- tion’s Springboard to the Future initiative ­Lufthansa is the airline of sports and as such has served as a reliable partner to numerous prominent institutions, associations, and clubs. The values of fairness, team spirit, precision, and excellence in performance are not, after all, unique to competitive athletics, but are also a source of motivation for the ­Lufthansa Group and its employees. For this reason, sports sponsorship has been a part of the aviation company’s corporate citizenship for a long time.  114 // Corporate Citizenship

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