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Lufthansa Group Balance 2014 EN

[Ú 06] Quieter thanks to sophisticated technology 06 ­Lufthansa is retrofitting more than 200 aircraft with vortex generators so that they will fly even more quietly in the future. They are based on the results of research conducted by the ­Lufthansa Group and the DLR. Overfly measurements revealed that the vortex generators are able to eliminate two unpleasant tones and thereby lower the air- craft’s total noise level on approach by up to four decibels. 07 Those who question the benefits of mobility for per- sons or for the transport of goods are entering into a discussion with implications for society as a whole. Some of these implications are health-related, as mass transportation produces noise. For those who are affected the most, aircraft noise is a source of stress. On the whole, however, the adverse effect air traffic has on people is small in comparison to other modes of transportation. Moreover, the proportion of people who consider their exposure to aircraft noise to be strong to moderate has declined by more than half since 2000. Major progress for freight transport 05 Boeing 777-F: The three numbers and one letter stand for the world’s quietest and most environmen- tally friendly freighter. In June 2014 ­Lufthansa Cargo put into service the fourth of the five aircraft of this type it had ordered. It meets the standards of what is currently the most rigorous noise protection class in civil aviation. Flight noise portal Extensive information on the airline industry’s commitment to noise abatement can be found also on the new web- site of the German Aviation Association (BDL). [Ú 05] 15% Rail traffic 6% Air traffic 17% Neighbors ’00 ’02 ’04 ’06 ’08 ’10 2012 Fewer people affected by noise from aviation  [Ú 07] Fewer and fewer people consider them- selves extremely or moderately affected by noise from aviation.  Source: BMU, Umweltbewusstsein in Deutschland (Environmental awareness in Germany) 2000 – 2012  18 // More quietly into the future

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