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Swift aid from the air When people somewhere around the world are plunged into an emergency situation following a natural disaster, immediate aid by means of air freight is called for. This is when the cooperation between Lufthansa Cargo and the emergency aid alliance Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) steps in. The graphic below shows exactly how this works. Preplanning Lufthansa Cargo and ADH evaluate if aid ights are possible. ADH assesses the needs for aid materials in the disaster area: de ni- tion of destination, time, type and quantity of aid supplies needed, volume, weight. Lufthansa Cargo determines if a scheduled or a charter ight will be operated. Lufthansa Cargo’s network control in Frankfurt plans the aid ight with regard to crew availability, crew safety, clari cation of landing and over ight rights, routing, fueling stops, handling. Depending on local conditions, additional technicians and load- masters are made available (including travel arrangements). ADH carries out detailed coordination of packing lists. 1 2 “Go!” for all players Lufthansa Cargo has coordinated all agree- ments with delivering and collecting aid organizations and publishes the ight number. ADH begins the transport of aid supplies. 3 Freight delivery and loading ADH ensures delivery of aid supplies to the Lufthansa Cargo Center in Frankfurt, following agreed logistical standards: presorting and checking of packages, secu- rity check, loading on pallets in conformity with air cargo requirements. The next step is loading the aircraft. The MD-11F is then ready for takeoff. 4 12

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