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The materiality matrix 2016 of the Lufthansa Group Service and customer orientation Climate protection Active noise protection Importantforstakeholders Important for the Lufthansa Group Very important for the Lufthansa Group Veryimportantforstakeholders Job safety and health protection Energy and resource management Sustainable innovation, research & development internal effect external The materiality matrix 2016 will serve the Lufthansa Group in the years ahead as a basis for the further strategic development of Corporate Responsibility Management and to ensure a lawful form of reporting. The topics of safety and adherence to legal requirements were not included in the stakeholder assessment, as the Lufthansa Group considers these to be basic prerequi- sites for its business activities. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group Employer attractiveness Local value creation Sustainability in the supply chain Employee awareness about sustainability Transparent political commitment Corporate citizenship internal effect external

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