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Psychosocial counseling In 2015, the Lufthansa Group restructured its social counseling services in Germany as a holistic competence center for psy- chosocial health under the new umbrella organization of “Psychosocial Counseling”. Available as a voluntary bene t from the aviation group, the experts of Psychosocial Counseling support employees and man- agers facing problems at the place of work, in crisis and con ict situations as well as in dif cult private, nancial or family circum- stances. This broad scope of services is offered at many locations in Germany. In 2015, the department organized 168 work- shops, trainings and information events. In March 2015, the department received the Soul Work Award in the category “Corpo- rate groups” for its health-oriented and psychosocial accompaniment of change processes and the burdens they entail. In addition, Stiftung Gesundheitsf rderung Schweiz (Foundation for Health Promotion Switzerland) awarded the label Friendly Work Space to the corporate health management of Swiss (see cover page, Corporate Responsibility: Prizes, awards and indices). Occupational safety Pursuing safe, health-oriented working conditions is rmly anchored in the Group’s guidelines. Successful occupa- tional safety in the sense of sustainable, responsible business practices is under- stood by the Lufthansa Group as a contin- uous process of improvement, aimed at promoting health and reducing risks and hazards. To ful ll this philosophy of life within the Company, speci c guidelines for job safety have been de ned. Preventive measures to avoid accidents, adverse effects on health and occupational illnesses are consistently implemented within the Lufthansa Group. As a rule, the effects of new or improved products, pro- duction processes or hazardous materials are assessed in advance. This also applies to new services, planned work sites and operational equipment. The maxim is to always use new technologies and materials to improve employees’ health and protection. Risk assessments are regularly carried out to check all activities and work situations within the Company. Existing risks are evaluated and measures to minimize them are determined. Regular safety walkabouts and the exchange of information involving all parties concerned ensure the effective- ness of protective measures. Technical facilities and the equipment in buildings and workplaces are kept up-to- date, and job safety experts and occupa- tional physicians are consulted in the con- text of changes and new work sequences. Emergency management plans have been drawn up in the companies of the Lufthansa Group and regular exercises help to identify weak areas. Emergency representatives and employees trained in rst aid are pres- ent in all work areas. The employees’ individual responsibility is strengthened by recommendations for ergonomically sensible ways of working and a health-oriented lifestyle. Programs to promote health are offered in work environ- ments that are particularly burdensome. Dr. Lothar Zell, Head of Group Health Management/Medical Services, and Volker Schierle, Head of Group Occupational Safety, provided information concerning the protective measures for crews and local employees that the Lufthansa Group implemented in response to the highest level of smog alert in December 2015 in Peking. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group // 93

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