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For many years, the Lufthansa Group has supported the largest climate pro- tection project in European aviation – the implementation of the standardized European air space (Single European Sky, SES). For this purpose, Lufthansa Group experts actively participate in re- lated research projects. The Lufthansa Group achieves “audible” reductions of the burden on people living close to airports by the operation of qui- eter aircraft, noise-reducing modi cations and improved procedures for approaches and departures. Another xed component of this commitment is the participation in noise research projects. For more than 20 years, the Lufthansa Group has been a partner in climate research. Selected aircraft serve in the process as “ ying” measuring laborato- ries. By this means, the Group supports the establishment of a worldwide mea- suring infrastructure for the observation of the Earth’s atmosphere by means of civil aviation. Alternative fuels The Lufthansa Group researches and uses alternative fuels in scheduled ight operations. Furthermore, it drives the development of environmentally friendly fuels through its participation in various initiatives. Ef cient engine washes (Cyclean ) and dry washing methods for aircraft fuselages (see page 51) Programs for voluntary CO2 compensation (see page 67) Continuous implementation of digital processes (see page 57) Be it more lightweight seats, containers, pallets or trolleys: The Lufthansa Group seizes every opportunity to reduce weight and thus conserve kerosene. Another building block is the e-Enabling program, which prepares the way toward the fully paperless cockpit. Air Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group

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