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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Stakeholder dialogue

This dialogue allows the Lufthansa Group to understand better its stakeholders’ needs and wishes and to integrate these into its business practices. The varying demands of different interest groups are likewise important for the further develop- ment of the Group’s sustainability agenda and its annual reporting on important topics in the area of entrepreneurial re- sponsibility. In the reporting year, the spec- trum of stakeholder dialogue activities ranged from the restructuring of internal employee communication to road shows, investor conferences and dialogue events with representatives from politics, science and research (see page 24, The most important stakeholder activities 2015/16 at a glance). Stakeholder dialogue The Lufthansa Group has a variety of stakeholders with widely varying expectations and interests. The scope ranges from customers, employees, investors and suppliers to legislators, municipalities, neighbors, NGOs and scienti c researchers. The Group places great value on a continuous and trusting dialogue with its internal and external stakeholder groups, and actively seeks exchange with them via various formats. The diverse stakeholders of the Lufthansa Group Suppliers Contractual partners Employees Employee representatives Governments Legislators Politicians Authorities Lufthansa Group Science Research Education Nongovernmen- tal organizations (NGOs) Organizations Consortia Neighbors Local communities Society Publicity Social networks Customers Consumers LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Capital market Investors Shareholders Analysts Rating agencies Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group // 21

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