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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Health management and occupational safety

The demands placed on a comprehensive health management system are diverse and vary between subsidiaries of the Lufthansa Group. The focus is on tailor- made offers and programs that strengthen prevention and maintain the employees’ long-term health. This applies not only to administrative jobs, but also to those in production areas and ight operations. A supervisory position in the Lufthansa Group’s job safety and health protection concept is assumed by the department Group Health Management/Medical Services as an instrument of social care for employees. Its occupational, aviation and travel physicians are the rst point of contact for all of the employees’ health concerns. This function, whose quality management was successfully recerti ed in April 2015 according to DIN EN ISO 9001, has been headed since September 1, 2014 by Dr. Lothar Zell. protect the health of its crews during lay- overs as well as that of its employees. During the reporting year, the employees of the Lufthansa Group’s subsidiaries again bene ted from numerous offers in the context of corporate health management. These were available at different Company locations and addressed topics such as healthy skin, u protection, wellness and relaxation as well as back-saving working techniques. All initiatives are designed to strengthen the employees’ own initiative. Health index As a result of the employee survey “involve me ” (see page 90, More transparency and dialogue: First Group-wide standardized employee survey) the Lufthansa Group established a health index for the rst time. It aims at measuring health and compre- hensive well-being across the Group and identifying elds of action for optimization measures. The health index is based on questions that are addressed to all employ- ees as well as those that take into consid- eration the work requirements at individual subsidiaries. Comprehensive competency center Upon the completion of its strategic realign- ment in 2015, the Medical Service has positioned itself as a comprehensive com- petency center for the Group’s health management. In this role, it complements the activities speci c to individual business segments with initiatives that extend to the entire Lufthansa Group. In addition, it pro- motes networking and exchanges between health and job safety managers at the individual Group companies. In the reporting year, the Group’s Health Management placed its emphasis on the follow-up and psychosocial care for people affected by Germanwings ight 4U9525. These programs will be continued inten- sively over the years ahead. Furthermore, in 2015 the health manage- ment experts were concerned with the topic of cabin air quality (see page 71, Flight safety and health protection) and pollutant levels in the air, among other issues. In December 2015, the highest level of smog alarm applied in Peking, for instance. The Lufthansa Group took this as a cue to implement effective measures to optimally The Lufthansa Group’s comprehensive employee health and safety pro- tection aims at promoting and maintaining its employees’ individual per- formance and motivation. In 2015, the aviation group’s Medical Service restructured the Group health management and advanced the interlinking between health management and job safety managers. Health management and occupational safety 92 // Social Responsibility

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