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Thorsten Luft Vice President Corporate Fuel Management Lufthansa Group “We are very pleased that we and our partners have been able to set an important milestone for climate-friendly air transport by means of bio- kerosene fueling in Oslo. The Lufthansa Group is the first airline group world- wide to have signed a regular procurement contract of this kind with a supplier.” Alternative fuels The use of alternative fuels represents another step towards the air transport of the future. As biokerosene has a signi - cantly lower net CO2 balance sheet value, it allows a sustainable reduction of emis- sions from ight operations. Following this approach, the con ict of objectives that arises from growing demand for mobility worldwide and nite resources of fossil fuels can be resolved. The Lufthansa Group undertook some pioneer work to this end in 2011, when it tested the use of biofuel in regular ight operations for about six months as a trial run in the context of the Lufthansa successfully completes the rst-ever transatlantic ight from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C. with a Boeing 747-400 fueled with a blend containing a biokerosene share of about 22 tonnes. January 2012 July 2011 Long-term trial: In the context of the “BurnFAIR” project, Lufthansa becomes the rst airline worldwide to operate scheduled ights with an Airbus A321 and a biokerosene admixture of 50 per- cent on one engine, between Hamburg and Frankfurt. Fall 2013 An engine run on a test bed at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg shows that adding biokerosene to jet fuel leads to an im- provement of emissions characteristics. 46 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility

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