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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Product responsibility at the Lufthansa Group

Customer centricity and quality focus “Customer centricity and quality focus” is one of the strategic cornerstones of the Lufthansa Group (see page 65). The orien- tation according to customers’ wishes and needs is a very important concern for the Company. It also includes designing prod- ucts and services that are free from dis- crimination and environmentally compat- ible. The Lufthansa Group companies regularly conduct customer surveys on a global scale in their segments, exchange information with their stakeholders in the context of a continuous stakeholder dia- logue and derive product and service optimizations from this process. The further development of feedback management processes also contributes to increasing passenger satisfaction. Flight safety and health protection Flight safety and health protection always have the highest priority for the Lufthansa Group. Therefore, the Group airlines expanded their safety structures immedi- ately following the crash of Germanwings ight 4U9525 on March 24, 2015 and also introduced a new procedure for crew pres- Product responsibility at the Lufthansa Group For the Lufthansa Group, product responsibility means that all business segments and subsidiaries continuously assess and improve their offers along the entire travel chain. This dimension of entrepreneurial responsibility therefore refers to products and services that are particularly important for customers of the Lufthansa Group, as well as for other stakeholders. ence in the cockpit. Accordingly, during ights there now have to be two authorized crew members in the cockpit at any time. Furthermore, for many years the Lufthansa Group has expanded its health-related offers for passengers and has always set stan- dards in the area of cabin air (see page 71). Data protection and data security The protection of customer data is the basis for a trusting business relationship. Every day, the Lufthansa Group companies process enormous volumes of data and in so doing always handle personal data with the utmost care. In addition, such data are protected and secured in accordance with the most stringent standards and the very latest technical norms (see page 72). Offer of voluntary CO2 compensation The Lufthansa Group’s commitment in the area of voluntary CO2 compensation is rmly anchored in the Group-wide Strategic Environmental Program 2020; moreover, it is an integral part of the aviation industry’s four-pillar strategy for climate protection (see page 67). The hub airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines and the Lufthansa subsidiary AirPlus all maintain programs for this purpose. 64 // Product Responsibility

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