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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Strategy and management

To meet its role as an internationally suc- cessful service group in the future as well, the Lufthansa Group restructured its align- ment during the reporting year and started the introduction of a matrix organization. The latter allows the Group to be steered with even stronger functional emphasis, and the individual business segments to be more closely interlinked. While the aviation group’s personnel functions accompany this process as active sparring partners, they also advance the harmonization of the HR programs that have been implemented Group-wide. Culture and Leadership The eld of action “Culture and Leader- ship” of the strategic program “7to1 – Our Way Forward”, which has been an area of emphasis since the program’s implementa- tion in July 2014, serves the HR experts of the Lufthansa Group as a widely visible way marker. The focus on “Culture and Leader- ship” acknowledges the fact that in an increasingly volatile environment, highly quali ed and committed employees who capture our customers’ imagination are indispensable for the long-term business success of the Lufthansa Group. It is not by chance that the Group promotes a modern feedback-oriented leadership culture, which identi es problems openly and thus prepares the path on which managers and employees can together develop future-oriented solutions (see page 72, Balance 2015). The measurable expression of this cultural change is the new ratio “Engagement Index”, introduced in 2016, which is essential to enable suit- able responses to be given to external and internal variables of in uence (see page 90, More transparency and dialogue: First Group-wide standardized employee survey). To accelerate the necessary transformation process, the Lufthansa Group has com- bined a bundle of effective measures in the eld of action “Culture and Leadership”. They are making an increasing impact and will therefore be continued in a consistent manner in the years ahead. For example, this includes the ve “Leadership Princi- ples”, which ensure that managers guide their employees Group-wide according to the same principles. To anchor the new guideline even more profoundly in the organization, the Group has supported its managers since the beginning of 2014 with the modern tool “ePro le”. Since the end of 2015 it has been used Group-wide in a standardized form and is characterized by a high degree of transparency. It serves managers as the central platform for quan- titative and qualitative evaluation of employ- ees’ performance. At the same time, “ePro le” also promotes the culture of dialogue within the Lufthansa Group. The Lufthansa Group knows the value of personnel diversity at the management level. To further strengthen diversity, with support from the project Diversity LHGroup, which was launched during the reporting year, there will be signi cantly more mixed management teams in the future. In addition, the Group is working on substantially increasing the attractiveness of management positions for women. A similar direction of evolution is pursued with the new process for posting vacancies, The Lufthansa Group is currently traversing a period of profound transforma- tion processes, which are based on internal and external factors. As a result, the requirements on personnel management have also increased. To react appropriately to the complex and multilayered framework of conditions and to secure the Company’s competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer, the HR experts of the Lufthansa Group count on suitable, precisely tting and interlocking HR instruments and measures. Strategy and management 78 // Social Responsibility

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