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In the framework of its project “2nd Life” Lufthansa Technic Component Services disassembles the Group’s decommis- sioned aircraft at a site in the USA. In this way, many tonnes of high-quality mate- rials can be reconditioned and reused following recerti cation. modernizations When planning, renovating and con- structing buildings, the Group places great value on the sparing use of natural resources. These measures range from taking into account the latest standards for new constructions to implementing energy-related optimizations for existing buildings. Fleet modernization Continuous investments in fuel-ef cient and low-noise aircraft and engine tech- nologies are the most ef cient lever at the Lufthansa Group’s disposal to make ying as environmentally compatible as possible. In addition, the Company is actively committed to research proj- ects concerning improvements in aerodynamics. The Lufthansa Group relies on the ef ci- ent use of water and electricity and on consistent waste management. In addi- tion, the Group companies work step by step to establish or expand their environ- mental management systems. At its Frankfurt hub, the Lufthansa Group is part of the E-PORT AN initiative. The focus is on operating increasing num- bers of electrically powered vehicles for aircraft handling and for taxiing and towing, thus making the processes on the apron more sustainable. The Lufthansa Group strives to limit the environmental effects of its business activities to an unavoidable minimum – in the air and on the ground. Our guidelines are the Group’s strategic environmental program and the industry-wide four pillar strategy for climate protection. Ground

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