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Sustainability in all phases of the travel experience Planning Voluntary CO2 compensation At Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and the Lufthansa subsidiary AirPlus, leisure and business travellers have the option of voluntarily compensating for the CO2 emissions inevitably associated with ying. The compensation payments sup- port climate protection projects. Travel medicine and accessibility To ensure that passengers are able to enjoy their trips without worries, the Lufthansa Group supports them with comprehensive information concerning travel medicine. Customers with reduced mobility or additional needs for care bene t from speci c services, which ensure optimum comfort on the ground and on board. Intermodality Since 2015 the Lufthansa Group has bundled all road, rail and air feeder services under the Lufthansa Express brand. The options for seamless travel include ICE high-speed rail connections, long-distance and postal busses as well as car-sharing. Special meals Be it for health-related, religious, ethnic or culinary reasons, with the Lufthansa Group, passengers may select special meals from up to 18 options, depending on the airline, ight duration and booking class. Paperless processes Thanks to electronic tickets, digital baggage services and mobile boarding passes, sustainable travel begins for Lufthansa Group customers long before boarding. These offers are being ex- panded continuously. CO2

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