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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Lufthansa Group Social Care

96 // Corporate Citizenship the areas of culture, sports and environ- ment. These are also to generate a bene t for social concerns, by means of charitable concerts, for example (see page 105). Beyond that, an established part of the aviation group’s corporate citizenship con- cept is swift and professional emergency aid in the event of humanitarian crises and catastrophes. The graphic illustration “Swift aid from the air” in this report (see page 97) explains clearly the numerous proces- ses that are set in motion and optimally coordinated to prepare and operate aid ights. Since February 2013, Lufthansa Cargo has been a partner in a professional Focal point: Social and humanitarian commitment The social and humanitarian activities are the focal point of the Lufthansa Group’s commitment in the area of corporate citizen- ship and are to be further expanded in the future. This is evidenced by numerous long- term aid projects and initiatives that are due to the personal dedication of employees and enjoy the support of Group management. During the reporting year, aid projects giving support to refugees made up the largest part of corporate citizenship activities. The Lufthansa Group’s social commitment is complemented by selected activities in As a global player, the Lufthansa Group has been emphatically committed to social concerns for many years. All its corporate citizenship activities aim at giving help to less privileged people and to make a difference in society in a direct way. In 2015, the aviation group further focused its activities and bundled them under the umbrella of “Lufthansa Group Social Care”. Lufthansa Group Social Care network of renowned aid organizations. This cooperation gives aid organizations direct access to Lufthansa Cargo’s logistics competence for foreign deployments. Employee commitment It is important for the Lufthansa Group to create a framework of conditions that enables an even more focused promotion of social commitment on the part of employ- ees and managers. The systematic expan- sion of corporate volunteering takes into account that today’s talents seek not just a job, but rather a professional setting in which they can combine personal involve- ment and future-oriented action. The Group supports this approach and has expanded the Group-wide trainee program “ProTeam” with a four-week internship at a social business abroad. The “Haiti Entrepreneur- ship Camp 2015” also gave Lufthansa Group employees an opportunity during the reporting year to combine entrepre- neurial initiatives and social commitment. Established in 2014, it aims at motivating young people to set up their own business and thus refute the commonly held view in Haiti that success is a question of back- ground. The “Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2015” gave Lufthansa Group employees an opportunity to combine an entrepreneurial initiative with social commitment.

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