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The Net Promoter Score focuses on the travel experience as the central product or service category of the Lufthansa Group. In this context, the Group airlines contin- uously survey their customers to see if they would recommend the airline to their friends and acquaintances based on their travel experience. The share of enthusias- tic passengers is deducted from the share of less satis ed ones. Every month, top management receives a report detailing the development of the NPS at the individ- ual airlines and for the Group airlines as a whole. Lufthansa Cargo and LSG Sky Chefs also conduct surveys to determine their NPS values. Uninterrupted round-the-clock service Another important contribution to the topic of customer satisfaction comes from feed- back management. The Lufthansa Group places a high priority on being reachable at any time, to respond to all customer reactions worldwide as quickly as possible, to resolve issues in the customer’s interest and to learn from feedback. The goal is to be “best in class” (see page 63, Balance 2015, and page 73, Balance 2014). At the same time, the Group works continuously on further developing its service portfolio. Taking its cue from demand, the Lufthansa Group concentrates on services it offers via social media channels. Lufthansa ensures its uninterrupted round- the-clock service on 365 days a year by means of the “InTouch Service Center” with its seven locations on four continents. Its employees handle about 11 million individ- ual transactions per year, 2.6 million of which in Berlin. Improvements in 2015 For the Lufthansa Group, product responsi- bility means above all continuously opti- mizing the different services along the travel chain and to make ying, including its sus- tainable facets, come evermore alive (see page 68, Sustainability in all phases of the travel experience). Therefore, the Group introduced additional programs and services in 2015 that further improve the travel expe- rience and thus also customer satisfaction. During the reporting year, Lufthansa suc- cessfully implemented nearly all service optimization programs of its ve-star airline activities. This included above all the com- pletion of the largest cabin modernization program in the airline’s history (see page 62, Balance 2015). There was also improved premium check-in in Frankfurt and Munich, and a more personalized style of service on board from ight attendants, which also includes the Lufthansa Restaurant Service on long-haul ights in Business Class, launched in August 2015. Moreover, LSG Sky Chefs conducted a workshop in 2015 to develop new and even healthier dishes. In addition, Lufthansa expanded its offers and services for families. This includes child-friendly check-in areas in Frankfurt and Munich, amenity kits for children and the new Family Guide for Frankfurt – a brochure containing useful tips on spending time at the airport. Numerous digital inno- vations similarly improve the travel expe- rience of passengers in all age groups. Furthermore, there is the internal program SMILE, which helps to react to changing customer needs by means of personalized products, services and communications options. Service and customer orientation for freight shippers At the beginning of 2015 Lufthansa Cargo launched the project “Manage Customer Service” aimed at further increasing its employees’ quality awareness and service orientation. The emphasis is placed on the after-sales process, that is the activities after a reservation has been con rmed. In this area, the project team identi ed 22 improvement measures, some of which have already been implemented or are in the pilot phase. For example, customers in the United States and Canada are now able to check the customs status of their shipments; a service that was previously not available. The golden “Q” symbolizes the quality offered by travel with the Lufthansa Group. 66 // Product Responsibility

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