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thermostat In 2014, the LSG Sky Chefs facility in Dallas, USA, ran pilot trials with an innovative type of thermostat. Unlike conventional thermo- stats, eTemp switches on cooling units only when its sensors register signi cant temperature differences, while ignoring minor differences. The reason? The intelli- gent cooling system takes into account that when workers enter a cold storage unit the temperature of the air rises faster than the temperature of the food stored in it. Mean- while, the LSG Group has installed eTemp at all of its North America facilities. The Lufthansa subsidiary regularly provides information about the most important energy and water ratios in its Environmental Report. Getting the LCC in better shape Following the Lufthansa Group’s decision in April 2015 to delay the construction of the new Lufthansa Cargo Freight Center “LCCneo” at Frankfurt Airport by at least two years, the logistics provider is concen- trating on getting the existing LCC in better shape in 2016. To conserve energy, the installation of a new heating control system and the switch to LED lighting in certain areas are planned, among other measures. Dr. Kenneth F. White Director Environmental Systems LSG Group “The LSG Group has installed eTemp at all of its North America facilities, as a result we are able to conserve almost 1,000,000 kWh of elec- tricity and thus avoid 800 tonnes of CO2 emis- sions during the reporting year. This corresponds to planting over 600,000 square meters of pine forest on an annual basis.” View of the state-of-the-art LSG Sky Chefs operation in Chicago, which was opened at the end of 2015. Constructed in accordance with LEED standards (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), this airline catering building is the rst worldwide to have received the quality seal of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). 54 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility

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