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aircraft and engines. The emissions related to electricity and energy purchases for ground operations, including catering and maintenance (Scope 2), do not even amount to 1 percent of the total footprint. All projects in the subject area “fuel ef - ciency” are managed by the department Flight Operations Standards and Projects Group Airlines. Under this organizational umbrella, the Lufthansa Group pursues the many fuel ef ciency programs it has set in motion over the past years. Since 2013, the aviation group has launched or imple- mented a total of 523 internal projects. For example, this includes 168 measures con- cerning weight reductions – such as the lightweight on-board trolleys – and 231 operative measures – such as the opti- mized vertical approach pro le at Munich Airport (see page 46, Balance 2015). Two of the Lufthansa Group’s fuel-ef ciency projects were selected during the reporting year by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) for its publication “Aviation Climate Solutions”. The latter presents 100 out- standing programs and initiatives in the aviation industry and thus illustrates the entire scope of projects of the aviation industry’s established four-pillar strategy for climate protection. The rst case study “The Aircraft Diet” casts a light on the Group airlines’ numerous activities con- cerning the long-term reduction of aircraft weight. The second selected project focuses on the topic of “electric ground movement” and presents the initiative E-PORT AN at Frankfurt Airport (see page 52, Energy and resource management). Especially impressive at a height of 2.4 meters, the wing-tip extensions or “sharklets” of the A320neo yield aerodynamic improvements and thus increase fuel ef ciency. Over the past years, the Lufthansa Group has integrated about 30,000 lightweight trolleys into ight operations, replacing the existing service trolleys aboard its long-haul aircraft. 44 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility

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